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Belarus to wire arrears for Russian gas on Oct 21 Kомментарии

24 октябрь 2016, 21:05 | English / Economy

Belarus will pay arrears for Russian gas on October 21, Belarus Energy Minister Uladzizmir Patupchyk told journalists in the Russian city of Ufa. He also said that Russia would resume crude oil supplies in full today. Read more

Lukashenka seeks to boost trade cooperation with Poland Kомментарии

24 октябрь 2016, 21:03 | English / Economy

Aliaksandr Lukashenka suggests advancing trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and Poland. He made the statement as he met with Poland's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Finance МMateusz Morawiecki on October Read more

Belarus encourages Poland to buy electricity from Astravets NPP Kомментарии

24 октябрь 2016, 21:01 | English / Economy

Poland could assist Belarus in supplying electricity from the future nuclear power plant into the European Union, Belarusian Prime Minister Andrey Kabyakou told Polish Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday. Read more

Belarus military production growing rapidly Kомментарии

21 октябрь 2016, 14:58 | English / Economy

Even though some Arab states did not have money for the new weapons, they had to fight right away. It was at the beginning of this decade, when the shooting of peaceful demonstrations by the authorities there turned civil protests in the civil wars. Read more

Sapropel-based fertilizer plant in Homyel region reopens after EU-funded modernization Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 18:20 | English / Economy

A sapropel-based fertilizer plant in the Homyel region reopened on Thursday after equipment modernization funded by the European Union. Read more

Belarus central bank: No sharp change in currency exchange rate in 2016 Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 18:01 | English / Economy

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus does not expect any sharp changes in the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble, Chairman of the Board of Belarus’ National Bank Pavel Kalaur told media after the opening of 13th international forum of Read more

Retail chains oppose draft presidential edict regulating sale of alcohol Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 17:59 | Main story / Economy

Belarus’ leading retail chains have expressed strong opposition to a draft presidential edict that would regulate the sale of alcohol in the country. Read more

Real Incomes In Belarus Drop 7% In January-August Kомментарии

19 октябрь 2016, 23:31 | English / Economy

In January-August 2016, real incomes of the population in Belarus decreased by 7.1% compared with the same period last year. Read more

Grain productivity drops in Belarus Kомментарии

19 октябрь 2016, 23:30 | English / Economy

Grain production in Belarus dropped from the previous year. As of October 1, 2016, Belarus harvested 7 million tonnes with the average crop capacity at 33.2 centners per hectare. Read more

National Bank: No shocks expected till year end Kомментарии

19 октябрь 2016, 23:28 | English / Economy

The National Bank of Belarus does not expect the exchange rate of Belarusian ruble (BYN) to change significantly, National Bank head Pavel Kalaur told journalists after the launch of XIII International Forum on Information Technologies "BankІТ'2016". Read more

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