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Motovelo files for bankruptcy Kомментарии
23 июнь 2017, 09:14 | English / Economy

Motovelo CEO Mikalai Ladutska on June 22 filed a bankruptcy application with Minsk Economic Court. „итать

Belarus signs contract to purchase 12 Su-30SM fighters from Russia Kомментарии
21 июнь 2017, 21:20 | English / Economy

The news came from Belarus Defense Ministry. „итать

Belarus to buy Su-30СМ fighter jets from Russia Kомментарии
20 июнь 2017, 16:25 | English / Economy

Belarus will purchase a batch of Sukhoi-30CM fighter jets from Moscow following the deal signed by the two countries, reports TASS quoting Dmitry Shugayev, director of Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation. „итать

Belarus plans to export 90% of BelGee cars to Russia Kомментарии
20 июнь 2017, 12:42 | English / Economy

Almost 90% of cars produced at the new plant BelGee will sold at the Russian market, Belarus Industry Minister Vitaly Vovk said in an interview to the Belarus 1 TV channel. „итать

Russia and Belarus to decide on single oil and gas market by end of the year Kомментарии
20 июнь 2017, 11:31 | English / Economy

Russia and Belarus are harmonizing the joint strategy for the creation of the single oil and gas market until 2025. „итать

No end in sight for trade wars between Belarus and Russia Kомментарии
20 июнь 2017, 11:19 | English / Economy

Belarus and Russia have agreed on removal of trade barriers, State Seccretary of the Union State Parliamentary Assembly Grigory Rapota said recently. „итать

Belarus warned foreign investors about corruption risks and weak Belarusian ruble Kомментарии
19 июнь 2017, 11:18 | English / Economy

Belarus has issued a Eurobond prospectus to warn investors about the risks of its dependence on Russia. „итать

Belarus could offer green electricity to EU, expert says Kомментарии
18 июнь 2017, 21:35 | English / Economy

Belarus could offer electricity generated from alternative sources to the European Union in the event of the EU’s refusal to purchase electricity from the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant. „итать

Belarus hopes to raise up to $1bn in West through US dollar bonds Kомментарии
17 июнь 2017, 00:44 | Main story / Economy

Belarus seeks to have access to up to $1 billion in the West. „итать

EPAM makes it to Forbes’ top 25 fastest growing public tech companies list Kомментарии
13 июнь 2017, 16:12 | English / Economy

EPAM Systems, an American company with Belarusian rootes, has been included into Forbes’ annual Fast Tech 25 list – for the third time in five years. „итать

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