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Russian PM: Earthquake during EEU meeting is ‘sign from God’ for Belarus Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:59 | English / Economy

A small earthquake of magnitude 3.7 that happened in Almaty is a ‘sign from God’ for Belarus, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes. „итать

The Belarusian Economy: The Challenges of Stalled Reforms Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:55 | English / Economy

Belarus stands out as a special case in transition blending. On one hand, there are the signs of relative prosperity, the socially oriented policies and the buds of entrepreneurship and then, on the other hand, its remnants of the Communist past. Belarus has embarked on a transition path of its „итать

China significantly increases goods transfer via Belarus Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:39 | English / Economy

The volume of transit along the New Silk Road is growing. „итать

Belarus hits world’s top 20 arms exporters – official Kомментарии
31 январь 2018, 20:04 | English / Economy

The productivity output of Belarusian defense sector enterprises increased by 25% in 2017. „итать

Hungary Wants Exemptions To EU Arms Embargo On Belarus: Sources Kомментарии
30 январь 2018, 23:38 | English / Economy

Hungary is seeking the introduction of more exemptions to the European Union's arms embargo on Belarus, according to several sources familiar with the matter. „итать

Lukashenka Cancels 'Parasite Tax' On Unemployed In Belarus Kомментарии
30 январь 2018, 23:37 | English / Economy

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has signed a decree canceling a controversial law obliging unemployed individuals to pay taxes as "social parasites." „итать

Russian cryptocurrency miners dash to Belarus to register companies Kомментарии
30 январь 2018, 23:21 | English / Economy

Business activity has been on the rise Belarusian provinces after the President's Decree on digital economy came into force. New companies are registered every day, Mikhail Keizarau, director of a small-size business incubator in Viciebsk. „итать

Belarus minister 'satisfied' with buying 10 times more than selling in China Kомментарии
16 январь 2018, 18:26 | English / Economy

Belarus-China turnover has increased by almost 100 times over 25 years and totaled almost $3 billion in 11 months of 2017, Minister for Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei said. „итать

Minsk In List Of European Cities Where You Can Live On Less Than £600 A Month Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:59 | English / Economy

Seeing the world isn’t always kind to your bank balance. In Minsk you can live comfortably on less than £600 to make your money go further, the Business Insider reports. „итать

Almost 6% of Belarusians below poverty line Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:44 | English / Economy

The number of Belarusians below the official poverty line is growing: in 2017, the number of Belarusians whose average per capita resources were below the subsistence minimum budget has increased from 5.6% to 5.9%. „итать

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