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Belarus becomes safer, but political persecution continues Kомментарии
23 июнь 2017, 09:32 | English / Featured Stories

Numbeo, the world's largest database of user-confirmed data about cities and countries worldwide, ranked Belarus the safest country in the region in 2017. Other global metrics also indicate that Belarus is a relatively safe part of the world. „итать

Is Belarus just 'Greater Russia'? Neighbouring states dismiss Belarusian sovereignty Kомментарии
20 июнь 2017, 16:59 | English / Featured Stories

Despite all of Minsk's efforts to present itself as a neutral country, some of its neighbours doubt not only its neutrality but even its sovereignty and commitment to peace. „итать

New place for creative selfies: Art Island re-opens in Minsk Kомментарии
17 июнь 2017, 00:43 | English / Featured Stories

Walking in Victory park in Minsk has become more enjoyable – 12 huge art objects appeared on one of the islands on Thursday. „итать

Belarus and Moldova: cooperation despite opposing geopolitical orientations Kомментарии
17 июнь 2017, 00:40 | English / Featured Stories

On 6-7 May, Moldova’s Prime Minister Pavel Filip held a supercharged working visit to Belarus, meeting with the country’s top officials, kicking off several events, and discussing a wide range of issues, from trade to culture. „итать

Belarusian schools: modernisation or stagnation? Kомментарии
17 июнь 2017, 00:34 | English / Featured Stories

On 12 May, Alexander Lukašenka suddenly announced that starting in September, school children would start class at 9:00 am rather than 8:00. This reform would give children an extra hour of sleep. However, many maintain that the change would be just another formality, without actually „итать

The avant-guarde of Belarusian hi-tech Kомментарии
13 июнь 2017, 12:04 | English / Featured Stories

Agreements concluded in May of this year between the Belarusian High Tech Park and Uber, along with the opening of an R&D centre for the Israeli company Gett, demonstrate the growing success of the Belarusian IT industry. „итать

Can new companies replace state giants in Belarus? Kомментарии
10 июнь 2017, 00:25 | English / Featured Stories

Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimir Syamashka recently announced that full-cycle car production is to start in Belarus this month; this will be a first for the country. So far, only Chinese-designed cars have been assembled in Belarus. „итать

Brain-drain in Belarus: do dreams come true abroad? Kомментарии
06 июнь 2017, 17:00 | English / Featured Stories

According to a report on May 22 by TUT.by, 31.3% of Belarusians would consider moving permanently to another country. The study, conducted by Belarusian Analytical Workroom, surveyed 1,063 people and demonstrates that more and more Belarusians are willing to leave the country. „итать

Is the IT sector Belarus’s most successful idustry? Kомментарии
06 июнь 2017, 16:08 | English / Featured Stories

On 24 May, Usievalad Jančeŭski, the Head of Belarus’s High Technologies Park (HTP), and Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Head of the EMEA region at Uber, agreed to an R&D centre for Uber in HTP for driverless vehicles. „итать

Religion in Belarus – from Orthodoxy to Protestantism? Kомментарии
06 июнь 2017, 16:02 | English / Featured Stories

On 26 May, Archbishop Tadevuš Kandrusievič, the head of the Belarusian Catholic Church, announced that the Episcopate is working on an alternative to concordat. „итать

Witness describes Stalin-era mass killings in Kurapaty Kомментарии
03 июнь 2017, 23:16 | English / Featured Stories

Ninety-year-old Volha Barouskaya is the last known living witness to one of the atrocities of the Stalin era. As a girl, she stumbled on a mass killing of prisoners in the Kurapaty woods near Minsk, the site of thousands of executions by the Soviet secret police. (RFE/RL's Belarus Service) „итать

Pram parade in Mahilou (photo) Kомментарии
03 июнь 2017, 23:10 | English / Featured Stories

A pram parade was organized in Mahilou on June 1 to mark the International Children's Day. Princesses in carriages, pirate ships, a rescue car and even Mahilyou Town Hall could be seen in the city. Check the pictures below as it happened. „итать

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