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Why do the authorities continue to arrest Belarus's top businessmen? Kомментарии
20 май 2017, 17:15 | English / Featured Stories

On 12 April, Belarusian authorities arrested Vitali Arbuzaŭ, one of the most successful businessmen in Belarus. He was another casualty in Belarus's ongoing war against tycoons. „итать

Wooden bicycle from Belarus - in pictures Kомментарии
20 май 2017, 13:02 | English / Featured Stories

A Belarusian company specializing in the production of wooden doors has begun to manufacture bicycles made of wood – birch-tree or ash tree. All the bicycles are hand-made. „итать

Who benefits from the alcoholisation of Belarus? Kомментарии
16 май 2017, 02:48 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus is perhaps the world's second booziest nation. „итать

Religious freedom in Belarus: worse than in Ukraine, better than in Russia Kомментарии
16 май 2017, 02:41 | English / Featured Stories

Last month, the Pew Research Centre released its Global Restrictions on Religion report, which gauges barriers imposed by governments as well as social hostilities towards religious organisations. Out of the nearly 200 countries studied, Belarus ranked among the 'high-risk' group when it comes to „итать

‘Who Killed Pavel Sheremet’: Hromadske Investigation Kомментарии
15 май 2017, 19:14 | Main story / Featured Stories

Hromadske’s investigative unit “Slidstvo.Info” and the international Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) present a film investigating the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. „итать

Minsk and Kyiv successfully revive bilateral relations after a dramatic fallout Kомментарии
10 май 2017, 18:12 | English / Featured Stories

On 1 May, Ukrainian border guards prevented three Belarusian citizens from entering Ukraine, suspecting them of planning subversive activities in Ukraine. A month earlier, Belarusian security agencies had detained several Ukrainian citizens for alleged plans to undermine public order in Belarus. „итать

Covering protests: a new epoch for the Belarusian media Kомментарии
10 май 2017, 18:07 | Main story / Featured Stories

On 25 March, a record number of Internet users visited the website of the independent Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva. 109,000 Internet users read articles describing the protests against the social parasite law. In Belarus, this is nothing to sneeze at. „итать

Belarusian state propaganda advocates mass repression Kомментарии
03 май 2017, 01:24 | English / Featured Stories

On 21 March 2017, the Belarusian authorities began a programme of repression against civil society activists, which is still ongoing. These measures followed mass protests of the population against the unpopular economic policies of the government, including the famous decree on 'social parasites'. „итать

No comment: May Day protests in Belarus in one minute (video) Kомментарии
03 май 2017, 01:11 | English / Featured Stories

In spite of intimidation and preventive arrests, protest rallies took place in Minsk and regions. The police attempted to bar activists and journalists from participating. „итать

May Day rally in Minsk - in pictures Kомментарии
02 май 2017, 01:11 | Main story / Featured Stories

Around 100 people took part in the unauthorized May Day rally in Minsk. „итать

Youth organisations in Belarus: oppositional vs. official Kомментарии
27 апрель 2017, 23:53 | English / Featured Stories

On 23 February, the administration of the Belarusian State University expelled the youth activist Yury Lukashevich. The former student claims that the reason behind his expulsion lies in his political activism and board membership in an oppositional party. „итать

Rally in memory of Charnobyl tragedy victims - photos Kомментарии
27 апрель 2017, 23:30 | Main story / Featured Stories

The Charnobylski Shlyakh rally in memory of the accident at the Charnobyl nuclear power plant was held in Minsk on Wednesday, April 26. „итать

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