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Minsk and around: 11 ideas and tips for your 5-day Visa-free stay in Belarus Kомментарии

12 январь 2017, 14:02 | Main story / Featured Stories

Up till recently the visa barrier made even experienced travelers overlook Belarus in favor of other destinations like Lithuania or Ukraine. Read more

Key Q&A about 5-day visa-free stay in Belarus Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:58 | Main story / Featured Stories

Although it is not a total openness for an isolated country like Belarus, many observers in and outside agree this is a step forward. Here are the answers to some of the key questions about the edict. Read more

How Much does it cost to fly to Belarus from Europe and America? INFOGRAFIC Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:38 | English / Featured Stories

With everyone rejoicing the opportunity to come to Belarus visa-free for 5 days, the first question that would trouble a traveler is: how expensive the trip will be? Read more

Totally crazy: man wrestles… a carpet! (video) Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 18:52 | English / Featured Stories

A man in Minsk decided to wrestle a folded carpet instead of cleaning it with snow. A video with a funny fight was uploaded on YouTube on 6 January. Read more

A U-turn in Poland's policy towards Belarus? Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 18:49 | English / Featured Stories

On 20 December, Polish MP Robert Tyszkiewicz publicly stated that Poland will hold parliamentary debates on the future of Belsat, an independent Belarusian TV channel based in Poland. Read more

Supporting Belsat is in the real interest of Warsaw and Minsk Kомментарии

06 январь 2017, 22:11 | English / Featured Stories

In an interview published yesterday on Wpolityce.pl, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski announced that his Ministry is considering closing down Belsat, the only Belarusian language satellite channel. Read more

Education as a lifeline for elderly Belarusians? Kомментарии

05 январь 2017, 22:03 | English / Featured Stories

In 2030 the number of elderly in Belarus will predictably reach 29,7% of the population. Life quality of seniors in Belarus is low and nothing indicates further improvement. Read more

Santas in wheelchairs join Minsk parade for first time Kомментарии

04 январь 2017, 16:28 | English / Featured Stories

Every Christmas season, dozens of Belarusians parade through the capital, Minsk, dressed as Santa Claus or his local equivalent, Grandfather Frost. This year, a group of Santas in wheelchairs were able to take part for the first time, a year after Read more

Under pressure from Eurasian economic integration – digest of the Belarusian economy Kомментарии

04 январь 2017, 09:56 | English / Featured Stories

As of 26 December 2016, the oil and gas dispute between Belarus and Russia remains unresolved. Read more

MTZ tractor and fireworks show spark debate Kомментарии

29 декабрь 2016, 21:33 | English / Featured Stories

A unique tractor dance show took place at the Minsk Tractor Plant on December 27, state news agency reports. Read more

Alexander Lukashenko’s youngest son gives first-ever interview Kомментарии

27 декабрь 2016, 20:58 | English / Featured Stories

Family life of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is rather a closed topic. Journalists rarely get a glimpse of it. So it was a great surprise for many when state TV showed a 30-minute report about in interview that president’s youngest Read more

Dzmitryyeu: We had a plan of negotiations. Statkevich wanted assault Kомментарии

22 декабрь 2016, 23:37 | English / Featured Stories

One of the leaders of Tell the Truth, Andrei Dzmitryyeu, has decided to publicly respond to Uladzimir Nyaklyeyu who accused him of cooperation with KGB. Read more

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