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Foreign spies in Belarus: reality and speculation Kомментарии
11 декабрь 2017, 11:17 | English / Featured Stories

On 27 November, the Belarusian State Security Committee, otherwise known as the KGB, officially accused Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sharoiko of espionage. The Belarusian authorities claim that Sharoiko confessed to his guilt. Ukrainian state and security officials, on the other hand, acknowledge „итать

What happens to Belarus army hazing death investigations? Kомментарии
11 декабрь 2017, 10:59 | English / Featured Stories

On 25 October, Belarus' Investigation Committee head Ivan Naskevich promised to re-examine the results of inquiries into the case of deatrhs and injuries of soldiers in the Belarusian Army over the past six years. Some of the cases that did not end up in court would be re-investigated, he did not „итать

How Belarusians Differ From Russians And Ukrainians Kомментарии
05 декабрь 2017, 16:36 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine are often perceived as sister nations with pretty identical historical, cultural and economic features. However, as siblings from the same family have different tempers, interests, values and vision of the world the same applies to people living in the three „итать

Between the Anniversaries of Great Terror and October Revolution Kомментарии
22 ноябрь 2017, 19:12 | English / Featured Stories

In early November 2017, Belarusians remembered two important dates in their 20th-century history: the October Revolution and the Great Terror. On 5 November, a traditional Dziady manifestation commemorated the Stalinist repression victims in Kurapaty – the place where the NKVD killed thousands of „итать

Censorship of music: who gets to sing in Belarus? Kомментарии
22 ноябрь 2017, 18:49 | English / Featured Stories

On 2 November, Belarusian bard musician Zmicer Vajciuškievič had a 25th-anniversary concert in Minsk. Before that, he had been unable to perform in Belarus in public for many years. Along with some other musicians, he became a part of the blacklist of “politically inappropriate musicians.” „итать

International support grows for Belarusian peacekeepers in Ukraine Kомментарии
22 ноябрь 2017, 18:37 | English / Featured Stories

At a press conference on 17 November 2017 in Minsk, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel described his meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka, in which they “talked a lot about Ukraine,” in positive terms. „итать

Lukashenka To Skip Upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit In Brussels Kомментарии
22 ноябрь 2017, 18:21 | Main story / Featured Stories

Belarus says President Alyaksandr Lukashenka will not attend the European Union's Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels on November 24. „итать

Breakout from isolation? What to expect from Lukashenka’s visit to Brussels Kомментарии
14 ноябрь 2017, 10:54 | Main story / Featured Stories

On 9 October, Belarusian media reported that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka received an invitation to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit in Brussels. „итать

New repressions in Belarus: The art of staying below western radars Kомментарии
31 октябрь 2017, 11:16 | Main story / Featured Stories

On 14 October, a squad of masked riot policemen raided an antifascist concert in Minsk, detaining dozens of people, and reportedly beating some of them. This incident, among several others, demonstrated a relatively new trend in Belarusian domestic politics. „итать

Will Azerbaijan help Belarus to become more independent? Kомментарии
30 октябрь 2017, 16:09 | English / Featured Stories

On 8 October 2017, Defence Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, visited Minsk. The visit lasted until 10 October. During the visit, Hasanov held meetings with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka as well as with all the senior military leadership of the „итать

Sexism vs. feminism through the mirror of media and advertising Kомментарии
27 октябрь 2017, 16:09 | English / Featured Stories

In September 2017, the oldest independent Belarusian newspaper, Naša Niva launched Naša Nina – a new spin-off project designed exclusively for women. With topics ranging from women’s rights in childbirth to celebrity news, it aspires to offer a unique and modern product on the market of „итать

On whose side is Belarus in the Syrian civil war? Kомментарии
27 октябрь 2017, 16:05 | English / Featured Stories

On 7 September, the Israeli air force attacked the Syrian military’s Scientific Studies and Research Centre. According to the Times of Israel, Belarusians may have been among those working at the Centre. „итать

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