Updated at 19:45,21-02-2018

How Bakiyev is Guarded in Minsk

Ales Pekhtsiyeu, www.udf.by

Security measures in Minsk before the press conference of the deposed president of Kyrgyzstan were very serious. He was guarded by security staff of the Belarusian president who surrounded the building of the concert hall "Minsk", home of the national press centre.

At the entrance everybody was thoroughly examined, and not all the accredited journalists were let into the hall – the room accommodated only 90 people, so the rest watched the broadcast on monitors. Before Bakiyev appeared in front of the reporters, the officer of the security service of the Belarusian president warned them that attempts on the life and health of high officials is a manifestation of a terrorist act. "The world is dangerous and shoes are sometimes thrown in presidents, so please work", - said the guard.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev repeatedly mentioned the courtesy of the official Minsk and personally Lukashenka who received him "as president, thus expressing respect for all the people of Kyrgyzstan". The former head of Kyrgyzstan looked perplexed. He answered vaguely the question about what he planned to do next. He did not admit his resignation, but as the president was not going to return to the country. He did not plan to form the provisional government in exile or to ask for political asylum.

Bakiyev voiced only one concrete action which he planned to do in the near future – turning to the UN, EU, CIS, OSCE, and the Group of Eight asking for support of Kyrgyzstan.

"Everybody is still waiting for what will happen. I think that is wrong." Bakiyev was also embarrassed by ‘vague’ reaction of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation: "I understand they were not been able to contact me when armed criminals chased me. But I have been for already four days in Belarus, and none of the colleagues have called me. But your leader is a courageous statesman".

Bakiyev did not enlarge on the details of his stay in Minsk. He noted, however, that he was received on the highest state level.