Updated at 20:13,20-03-2018

Anton Skorina: I'll try to "destabilize" the situation in the country

Klim Haletsky, UDF.BY

Today, after the Champions League match "BATE-Barcelona", the next 'silent' protest action is planned.

According to the idea of coordinators of the movement Revolution through a Social Network (RTSN) from 23:50 to 01:00 the crowd of fans and protesters should go from the Dynamo stadium to the Oktyabrskaya Square, where people can express their disagreement with the authorities in silence and applause.

In an interview with UDF.BY, the RTSN's project coordinator Anton Skorina explained the choice of such an unusual format of the protest, he also told about the "Moscow's hand" in the relationship with the opposition and about his vision of the future of Belarus.

- The last RTSN action, held on September 21, cannot be called successful. What is the main cause of its smallness?

- The causes are the same as that of all the actions since the early 2000s. Firstly, there is no leader. Secondly, there is a tool for gathering, but it doesn't give simple results, requires risk. As a result, the audience is narrow and specialized. Of course, partly the cause is fear, which the government imparted to Belarusians. Well, perhaps, is the fact that 2 people can not gather the action while being abroad.

- But the original meaning of these actions is exactly the decentralization, the absence of a clear structure and leaders...

- Yes, this was the original idea. But the practice shows, that still a strong staff is needed, we need a pro. Then, all will come out.

- Today's action is to take place after the match "BATE - Barcelona". Why did you changed the format once again?
- Two people wrote me, proposing to held the action after the match. Especially, because it's in Wednesday. In my opinion, the idea is great. I suggested it as a plan for Minsk.

To held the action in the old format without people? What's the point? The match will end nearly at 12 am and it will be cold and late for meetings ...

- Time is not important. There are people out there, the majority of them anyway are going to the subway station Oktyabrskaya. I believe that every self-respecting opposition member should use every opportunity to gather people!!! Moreover, such a mass one.

- What about the plan in regions?

- In regions this Wednesday nothing is planned yet.

- How do you feel about the idea of holding the People's Assemly? Don't you afraid of a competition?

- The idea of the People's Assembly is super! Realization is worthless! I won't criticize anything, since such initiatives are constantly poured with tons of negativity by people who do nothing, but whine. But for a real People's Assembly, firstly, the unification of all opposition forces is needed (that is, a moratorium on their activities until Lukashenko's resignation, exactly the moratorium, so that everyone will than come back in parties, etc.) Secondly, I don't know whether some money are allocated to them or not, but the impression is no. Because the website is poor, and they have simply taken the same logo as our fist. If this event is claimed to take a decisive role, the proper preparation is completely missing. Thirdly, everything tends towards the fact, that the Assembly will raise important questions, maybe it will decide something, and even start some work, which will be neatly dispersed by regime agents. Later on, it will be presented as a weak alternative to existing policies. Thus, Lukashenka needs this assembly not less than others.

- What are your future plans? Whether this fall will be 'hot' or we should wait for another devaluation, perhaps, for something terrible, so that people go out to the streets?

- The situation will change, since today's 18-21 year old ones are growing, interests change, as well as self-consciousness! I'll try to have time for the group, it is the only thing I can say for sure. For more, the support and solidarity of all organizations are needed. Otherwise, it will be all the same rat race as always. And the fall temperature depends only on people, I'm just one of those people. I'll try to "destabilize" the situation in the country, as the so-called president says.

- What is the probability that tens of thousands will come to the streets, I'm interested in your personal opinion, as "one of those people"?

- The probability is 100%, that's why all the KGB is working to hold away this probability, at least beyond the duration of their personal service. We need a push to events, and I think it will come earlier from the system's inside, than from outside.

- A similar opinion was expressed by Alexander Klaskouski in an interview with UDF.BY. Only in the more pessimistic form: nomenclatural revolution, "Moscow's hand" and we all to wake up in a new country.

- It will happen with probability 80%. I live in Moscow most of the time. They hold us economically. Their "hand" is a direct consequence of Lukashenka's policy, which is fastened us to Russia, so that they don't need "hands" anymore. Because they simply disconnect us from life and that's it. It is stupid to blame Moscow for it. It's just business. For sure, without Moscow there won't be a revolution from the inside.