Updated at 20:29,15-03-2018

Heads come off: Lukashenka down on top officials


During his visit to woodworking enterprise Borisovdrev Aliaksandr Lukashenka has given a severe ranting to several top officials: Barys Batura, ex-head of Minsk regional executive committee, has been removed and is to take charge of Borisovdrev, Andrey Tur, Deputy Head of the presidential administration, has been dismissed, Andrey Kabyakou, its head, has been severely reprimanded.

'Bonbon' for €80 mln

The head of state must be unsatisfied by the results of woodworking industry modernization. It is to be recalled that in December, 2012 Lukashenka signed a decree that prohibited people involved in the branch from quitting their job without the consent of top managers. Moreover, in accordance with the decree concerning nine enterprises, in case of labour discipline violations employees are to be penalized.

A year ago the Belarusian leader visited Borisovdrev and ordered that the enterprise should be modernized by November 7, 2013.

'Let's settle the date: on November 7, 2013 a bonbon should be made of this plant,' Lukashenka demanded.

The investment project costs €80.6 mln: the output was expected to quintuple within two years in case of its implementation.