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Russia says it's increasing military presence on Western borders Kомментарии

03 ноябрь 2016, 11:35 | English / Foreign media

Russia is increasing its military capabilities on its western border in response to NATO building up its forces, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on November 2. Read more

Belarus resumes executions after EU sanctions dropped Kомментарии

13 октябрь 2016, 01:40 | English / Foreign media

Human rights report details abuse used to extract confessions in only European country to use death penalty Read more

Lukashenko: Belarus will not tolerate pressure from Russia Kомментарии

07 октябрь 2016, 20:06 | English / Foreign media

At a meeting with State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Grigory Rapota on September 20, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko expressed his dissatisfaction with the decrease in Russian oil supplies because of the dispute Read more

Three reasons why Belarus is on investors’ radar Kомментарии

06 октябрь 2016, 19:26 | English / Foreign media

After years of economic crisis and anaemic growth, Belarus is becoming an attractive destination to foreign investors. Read more

Aid convoy containing 23 tons of food and essential items sent by Belarus arrives in Aleppo Kомментарии

04 октябрь 2016, 17:51 | English / Foreign media

A convoy transporting humanitarian aid presented by the government and people of Belarus arrived on Monday in Aleppo. Read more

Shimon Peres did great things, but he failed in what mattered to him the most Kомментарии

03 октябрь 2016, 23:52 | English / Foreign media

He never gave up, but he knew a disastrous future was being built for both Israelis and Palestinians Read more

Belarus disregards possibility of disaster at Astravyets N-plant - Lithuanian official Kомментарии

29 сентябрь 2016, 23:09 | English / Foreign media

A Lithuanian official believes that Belarusians continue to brush off the likelihood of a catastrophe occurring at their nuclear power plant under construction because they feel that such incidents as those at Fukushima or Chernobyl are impossible Read more

With eye on West, Belarus holds slightly freer election Kомментарии

27 сентябрь 2016, 20:33 | English / Foreign media

Lawmakers loyal to hardline Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko retained power in an election on Sunday, but the opposition's win of a seat for the first time in 20 years could help the ex-Soviet nation further improve ties with the West. Read more

Belarus pubs urged to sell cow-blood snacks Kомментарии

23 сентябрь 2016, 18:40 | English / Foreign media

A bar owner in the Belarusian capital Minsk was surprised to receive a visit from the local health department asking him to stack iron-rich snacks on his counter - specifically hematogen, which is made with cow blood. Read more

Belarus elections efficiently organized, long-standing systemic shortcomings remain, international observers say Kомментарии

16 сентябрь 2016, 21:38 | English / Foreign media

The 11 September parliamentary elections were efficiently organized and there were visible efforts to address some long-standing issues, but a number of systemic shortcomings remain, the international observers concluded in a preliminary statement Read more

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