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Belarus pubs urged to sell cow-blood snacks Kомментарии

23 сентябрь 2016, 18:40 | English / Foreign media

A bar owner in the Belarusian capital Minsk was surprised to receive a visit from the local health department asking him to stack iron-rich snacks on his counter - specifically hematogen, which is made with cow blood. Read more

Belarus elections efficiently organized, long-standing systemic shortcomings remain, international observers say Kомментарии

16 сентябрь 2016, 21:38 | English / Foreign media

The 11 September parliamentary elections were efficiently organized and there were visible efforts to address some long-standing issues, but a number of systemic shortcomings remain, the international observers concluded in a preliminary statement Read more

Belarus activists unmoved by election of two opposition MPs Kомментарии

14 сентябрь 2016, 13:48 | English / Foreign media

Critics of Lukashenko regime say candidates were ‘appointed’ to appease west, and observers report vote-rigging Read more

Belarus’s election tests the EU’s global strategy Kомментарии

12 сентябрь 2016, 22:59 | English / Foreign media

On September 11, Belarus is holding a parliamentary election. The EU will need to respond to this vote in a carefully calibrated manner. While the union is presently focused on other priorities, Belarus presents important geostrategic challenges Read more

Belarus says election will be 'active, democratic' Kомментарии

10 сентябрь 2016, 18:35 | English / Foreign media

Banners along the fastidiously clean streets of Belarus' cities tell the country's people to be sure to vote in Sunday's national parliament election. What's missing are any posters showing candidates' faces, or their names, or even stating which Read more

Belarusian who marched with Russian flag kicked out of Paralympics Kомментарии

10 сентябрь 2016, 18:23 | English / Foreign media

Official Andrei Fomochkin made political gesture at opening ceremony. IPC will not tolerate protests of a political nature. Read more

Who'd be an MP in Europe's 'last dictatorship'? Kомментарии

10 сентябрь 2016, 18:10 | Main story / Foreign media

Belarus has Europe’s poorest democratic credentials, but in elections this weekend, a new generation of candidates are talking quietly of change Read more

Russia calls Belarusian who carried its flag at Rio Paralympics a 'hero' Kомментарии

08 сентябрь 2016, 19:14 | English / Foreign media

Russia has thanked a member of the Belarusian Paralympic team for carrying the Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio. Read more

Paralympics: Belarus stages pro-Russia protest during opening ceremony Kомментарии

08 сентябрь 2016, 19:12 | Main story / Foreign media

Athletes supported Russia, banned from Games due to doping allegations, by carrying country’s flag during procession Read more

Steven Seagal continues tour of post-Soviet leaders in name of world peace Kомментарии

07 сентябрь 2016, 19:19 | English / Foreign media

Actor and friend of Vladimir Putin met Kyrgyzstan president and opened World Nomad Games clad in medieval armour and on horseback Read more

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