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Moldovans revealed as the second-biggest drinkers in the world by interactive map that charts booze consumption in every country Kомментарии

14 январь 2017, 00:18 | English / Foreign media

Brits may have a reputation for liking a tipple but they’re actually only the 17th booziest nation in the world, pipped to the top rankings by drinkers in a number of Eastern European countries. Read more

Teenager invents phone charger which generates energy from the human body Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 18:44 | English / Foreign media

A teenager has invented and developed a phone charger which uses energy from the human body to get the energy to charge your phone. Read more

The town in Belarus from where cigarettes are smuggled to the UK Kомментарии

06 январь 2017, 22:23 | English / Foreign media

A town in Belarus is producing billions of cigarettes a year, about a third of which are thought to be smuggled to the EU. How do they end up in the UK and what measures are taken to stop the illegal trade? Read more

Belarus court rules against AP reporter for Chernobyl story Kомментарии

05 январь 2017, 21:54 | English / Foreign media

A court in the former Soviet republic of Belarus has ruled against an Associated Press correspondent in a lawsuit by a dairy company that claimed an AP article damaged its reputation. AP said it stands by his reporting and will seek to overturn the Read more

My hunting trip with Yeltsin killed off the Soviet Union Kомментарии

29 декабрь 2016, 17:55 | English / Foreign media

Belarusian politician recalls his role 25 years ago in reaching deal that led to breakup of USSR without major bloodshed. Read more

AP says will appeal Belarus court ruling against Chernobyl fallout story Kомментарии

27 декабрь 2016, 20:54 | English / Foreign media

The Associated Press said on December 23 it will seek to overturn a Belarusian court ruling finding that it damaged the reputation of a dairy company in a story about farmland contaminated by fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Read more

After Castro - 5 nations where dictators still rule Kомментарии

15 декабрь 2016, 14:06 | English / Foreign media

Fidel is dead, and now, buried. Some will call him the last of the Cold Warriors. But there are still plenty of regimes that have been in power for decades. Are they frozen in time, or is change bubbling beneath the surface? In each case, the answer Read more

WSJ: Belarus is emerging as the silicon valley of Eastern Europe Kомментарии

07 декабрь 2016, 11:37 | English / Foreign media

In recent year the foreign media have discovered that Belarus can offer more than agricultural produce and tractors. In a new article, the Wall Street Journal is exploring the country’s ambitions as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. Read more

Russia says it's increasing military presence on Western borders Kомментарии

03 ноябрь 2016, 11:35 | English / Foreign media

Russia is increasing its military capabilities on its western border in response to NATO building up its forces, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on November 2. Read more

Belarus resumes executions after EU sanctions dropped Kомментарии

13 октябрь 2016, 01:40 | English / Foreign media

Human rights report details abuse used to extract confessions in only European country to use death penalty Read more

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