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Reuters: Belarus crackdown throws U.S. sanctions relief in doubt Kомментарии
12 апрель 2017, 22:31 | English / Foreign media

The Trump administration must decide by the end of this month whether to grant Belarus continued relief from U.S. economic sanctions despite a stiff government crackdown on street demonstrations last month. „итать

The Sun: Tank collector shocked to find £2million gold bullion hidden in the fuel compartment of his £30,000 vehicle Kомментарии
12 апрель 2017, 22:14 | English / Foreign media

Tank fanatic Nick Mead, 55, believes the gold bars were looted by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait during the Gulf War. „итать

The American Interest: Belarus and the failure of the Russian world Kомментарии
12 апрель 2017, 22:10 | English / Foreign media

Moscow’s plans to make Belarus a cornerstone of its Eurasian integration project are looking like an increasingly bad bet. „итать

Red Herring: Belarus’ 23-year President doubles down on tech, as domestic confusion reigns Kомментарии
06 апрель 2017, 14:28 | English / Foreign media

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has signaled his commitment to the country’s tech industry–just days after dismissing its leading light. „итать

Iran delivers first oil cargo to Belarus Kомментарии
06 апрель 2017, 14:26 | English / Foreign media

Iran’s media say the country has delivered a major cargo of crude oil to Belarus through a key port in southern Ukraine. „итать

Bloomberg: Belarus is the latest thorn in Putin's side Kомментарии
06 апрель 2017, 14:25 | English / Foreign media

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko is caught in the crossfire of a much larger battle. He'd like closer ties with the European Union and weaker ones with Russia, but the drift appears to be drawing popular protests driven by growing dissatisfaction with his repressive policies and failed „итать

Crisis in Belarus: questions and answers about the protests and crackdown Kомментарии
04 апрель 2017, 22:10 | English / Foreign media

Francišak Viačorka of the Belarusian Institute of America explains the context of the ongoing antigovernment demonstrations — and offers advice on how the international community should respond. „итать

'It's easier to hack an election than eBay': confessions of a Belarusian hacker Kомментарии
29 март 2017, 19:39 | English / Foreign media

Sergei Pavlovich, known as Policedog, sheds light on the community accused of aggressive activity on behalf of the Kremlin „итать

Al Jazeera: Scores detained after defying Belarus protest ban Kомментарии
29 март 2017, 01:59 | English / Foreign media

Police detain scores attempting to hold banned rally, days after president warns of foreign-backed plot to topple him. „итать

The Telegraf: Belarus Freedom Day protests: arrests as hundreds take to streets Kомментарии
29 март 2017, 01:56 | English / Foreign media

Hundreds of citizens gathered in Minsk as part of the country's largest street protests to defy the so-called 'social parasite law' taxing the unemployed. „итать

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