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No more Russian RenTV programming on Belarus' STV channel Kомментарии
09 январь 2018, 16:45 | English / Politics

As of 1 January 2018, the Minsk-based channel STV no longer rebroadcasts programming from the Russian TV channel RenTV. „итать

Belarusian Policemen To Learn English Ahead Of 2019 European Games Kомментарии
09 январь 2018, 16:41 | English / Society

More than 400 policemen will take up special language courses ahead of the 2nd European Games in 2019, BelTA reports. „итать

President Lukashenko To Visit 5 Countries Of American Continent In 2018 Kомментарии
09 январь 2018, 16:39 | English / Politics

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko plans to visit several countries of the American continent this year. „итать

Belarus Foreign Minister announces extension of visa-free regime Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 16:54 | English / Politics

New steps to expand the visa-free regime will be discussed at a meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka in January. „итать

Belarus to receive from 112 to 136 million euros of EU grants Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 16:52 | English / Politics

The review of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry for 2017, which was published on the ministry’s website, notes that the coordination of the Belarus-EU partnership priorities is at the final stage. „итать

Belarus Interior Ministry wants to outlaw physical violence towards children Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 16:03 | English / Society

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to completely prohibit the use of violence against children. „итать

Minsk In List Of European Cities Where You Can Live On Less Than £600 A Month Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:59 | English / Economy

Seeing the world isn’t always kind to your bank balance. In Minsk you can live comfortably on less than £600 to make your money go further, the Business Insider reports. „итать

Japanese man gets jail sentence for bringing firearm parts into Belarus Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:51 | English / Society

A citizen of Japan has been sentenced to a prison term for illegal carrying firearm parts across the Belarusian border. „итать

Almost 6% of Belarusians below poverty line Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:44 | English / Economy

The number of Belarusians below the official poverty line is growing: in 2017, the number of Belarusians whose average per capita resources were below the subsistence minimum budget has increased from 5.6% to 5.9%. „итать

Banker Rumas: Cryptocurrencies similar to financial pyramid Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:43 | English / Economy

Development Bank Chairman Syarhei Rumas compared the cryptocurrencies with the excitement around the popular pyramid scheme of the 1990s. „итать

How Visa-Free Foreigners Increased Minsk Budget By 35% Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 15:41 | Main story / Economy

The revenues from tourist services to the budget of Minsk increased by 35% after the introduction of Belarus visa-free regime in January last year. „итать

Transgender Woman Says Jail Awaits In Uzbekistan, Seeks Asylum In Belarus Kомментарии
08 январь 2018, 11:03 | English / Featured Stories

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Uzbekistan face deep-rooted homophobia, discrimination, and the threat of violence, activists and human rights defenders say. „итать

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