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Belarus reviews defence policy after Russia disappoints Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:29 | Main story / Featured Stories

Lukashenka complained about Russia’s unwillingness to arm the Belarusian army. On 23 February, the ideological periodical of Belarusian government published an article by the defence minister, Andrei Raukou, who described how Belarus would defend itself without mentioning any Russian role in it. „итать

Gold And Silver! Belarusian Paralimpian Athletes Win 2 More Medals In Pyeongchang Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:23 | English / Society

Sviatlana Sakhanenka won her second gold medal and Dmitry Loban claimed silver at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang on Wednesday, March 14. „итать

Schengen Visa Price For Belarusians Jump To €80. What Is To Expect? Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:20 | English / Society

The European Commission decided to increase the visa fee to €80. This is due to the development of amendments to the EU visa regulations to facilitate entry into the Schengen area. „итать

Belarus Drops From 67th Place To 73rd In World Happiness Report 2018 Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:17 | English / Society

Year after year the Belarusians become more unhappy, according to the latest World Happiness Report 2018. „итать

Brest court rules against battery plant construction suspension Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:15 | English / Society

Brest Regional Court on 12 March did not satisfy an appeal from environmental activists who demanded a halt to the construction of a battery plant near Brest, Belsat TV channel reports. „итать

In Belarus, 25% of high-school graduates do not speak a single foreign language Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:13 | English / Society

Researchers from the Minsk-based Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (IPM) asked Belarusian school graduates to evaluate ther command of a foreign language. „итать

Lithuanian ambassador summoned over nuclear power plant incident Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:10 | English / Politics

Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 14 March summoned Lithuanian ambassador amid concerns about the lack of timely information regarding an incident at the Ignalina nuclear power plant in later December. The station, out of service for more than a decade, is located next to the border with „итать

Number of HTP residents goes up by 25% in two months Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:09 | English / Economy

The number of residents of the Belarusian High-Tech Park has increased by a quarter right before the President’s decree #8 is about to come into force. „итать

Police will not seize white-red-white flags during Freedom Day rally - officials Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:08 | English / Politics

The police will not confiscate Belarusian national white-red-white flags and Pahonia coats-of-arms from the people who will come to attend the festive rally and concert in Minsk. „итать

MP: Authorities need Freedom Day. There will be no cancellation or black lists Kомментарии
08 март 2018, 23:12 | English / Politics

Minsk authorities will not cancel their permission to celebrate Freedom Day in the centre of Minsk and there will be no black lists of musicians at the concert in front of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. „итать

Risk of gangrene? Political prisoner deprived of medical aid Kомментарии
08 март 2018, 23:11 | English / Politics

Political prisoner Zmitser (Dzmitry) Paliyenka is experiencing a serious leg problem, but a prison doctor is not able to help him. „итать

'Miss Wheelchair World' Barred From Trendy Minsk Nightclub, Claims Discrimination Kомментарии
08 март 2018, 11:15 | English / Society

Beauty pageant winner Alyaksandra Chychykava was quite surprised when the doorman at a trendy bar in the Belarusian capital turned her and her friends away one evening for her "own safety." „итать

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