Updated at 19:45,21-02-2018

Volha Bandarenka concerned about her husband's health


Volha Bandarenka is afraid that they will transfer her husband to the prison hospital without an opportunity to have a proper rehabilitation period.

According to BelaPAN, Zmitser Bandarenka is in the after-surgery ward of the Neurosurgical Department of Minsk city hospital No. 5. His wife says that the doctors advise him to go to the Republican hospital in Aksakaushchyna for a rehabilitation, otherwise he won't recover properly. However, Volha Bandarenka has informed that he is most like;y to be transferred to the prison hospital where they have no physiotherapeutic procedures.

Let us remind you, Bandarenka was sentenced to two years of imprisonment for "December 19 case". His health rapidly deteriorated in prison. He had a surgery on his spine on July 26.