Updated at 18:29,16-01-2018

Tax inspectorate concerns itself with Lyabedzka’s family income


As the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka informs, his wife and son have received a notification that they should submit tax declarations.

"Someone is asked to submit declaration for 3 years, someone for 5 years, and all possible sanctions are listed. The underlying reasons for that are obvious. I do not allocate state funds, do not issue licences, do not ration land, I am not in charge of budget resources! It is done by others! It is done by those to whom no attention is paid by the tax inspectorate, the state control, or the KGB. And as a result, the country has come down to the 142th position in the level of corruption. Instead of being engaged in the real struggle against corruption, splitting the state money and stuffing them into their pockets, the regime is busy with pressurizing its political opponents and members of their families", the politician said in an interview to the press-service of the United Civil Party.