Updated at 17:11,13-02-2018

Minsk Expecting EU to "Considerably" Ease Visa Rules for Belarusians


Minsk expects the European Union to "considerably" ease its visa rules for all categories of Belarusian citizens, Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Belarusian foreign ministry, told reporters on May 13.

The European Commission is expected to submit recommendations for talks on a visa facilitation agreement with Belarus to the European Union's Council later this month.

Speaking at the news conference, Mr. Savinykh said that the agreement would contribute to closer contacts with the European Union.

He stressed that the Belarusian government had significantly simplified visa formalities for citizens of EU member states. In particular, he said, a Belarusian visa can be issued to an EU applicant within a day or two and few documents are required to be produced by the applicant.

The Belarusian foreign office expects the EU to simplify visa rules and cut visa fees for Belarusian citizens, according to Mr. Savinykh.