Updated at 20:13,20-03-2018

Kovalev's Mother Filed Petition to Lukashenko to Pardon her Son


Mother of Vladislav Kovalev, one of the two sentenced to death on charges of terrorist attacks in Belarus, filed a petition for presidential clemency of her son on December 1 and submitted it to the presidential administration. Lubov Kovaleva handed another petition to the Supreme Court to change the sentence.

"They invited me to the reception, registered my petition. They said it would be considered within the limits prescribed by law", said Lubov Kovaleva when coming out of the presidential administration.

She also announced about her intentions to send a request by registered mail for a personal meeting with the president. "I would find the right words. First and foremost I would appeal to him as to the father," said the mother of the convict.

Apparently, law enforcement officers were unaware of intentions of Lubov Kovaleva. When journalists began to gather at the corner of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Street, a SWAT officer immediately cape up and asked to leave the place. He stated it's prohibited to hold public events near the Presidential Administration, reports Telegraf correspondent.

Having found out that those gathered were journalists, he went aside to consult the management. He was soon joined by several members of Special Forces, men in civilian clothes and Deputy Minsk city executive committee Igor Evseev personally.

Law enforcement officers forbade photo-and video shooting within 500 meters from the presidential residence. They also banned to interview Lubov Kovaleva on Karl Marx Street, as, they say, it prevented the passage of pedestrians. The interview near the presidential administration was also forbidden. However, a girl in a white jacket, whom Igor Evseev called his inferior, was capturing the audience on video. She continued shooting even when journalists with Lubov Kovaleva came up to the Supreme Court.

Kovaleva has asked for a moratorium on death penalty

Lubov Kovaleva appealed to Alexander Lukashenko as "head of state, guarantor of the constitution and the father of three children" to pardon her son. According to her, "he could not commit that heinous crime, he was convicted for."

In her address, the mother of the sentenced to death reminded of Christian morals, in particular, of the fact that only God can deprive humans of life. She also noted that Belarus had already come across the cases where innocent people had been sentenced to death. In this regard, Lubov Kovavleva urged the President to set a moratorium on the death penalty.

"I beg you, save my son. You're the only one who can do it", she said.

On Wednesday, November 30, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus passed a death sentence upon Dmitri Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, having found them guilty of committing a terrorist act in Minsk subway on April 11 and a number of explosions in Minsk and Vitsebsk.

That same evening, the Belarusian TV showed video interrogations during the preliminary investigation, where the accused were confessing to the crime.