Updated at 17:11,13-02-2018

Shuttle traders will be deprived of free medical care?


The prosecutors office of Grodno region suggested to deprive shuttle traders of free medical care and cheap kindergartens.

The shuttle traders, who go to Poland and Lithuania like to work and trade on diesel oil and cigarettes, will not be able to get free treatment in hospitals and clinics, and also pay the state defined prices for kindergartens. The Evening Grodno newspaper reports about this.

In this way the region prosecutors office suggests to fight smuggler and the citizens who do not want to pay taxes and work illegally.

"For example, when visiting a clinic, a person will have to show an insurance policy", the regions prosecutor Viktar Marozau says. "It is also suggested to introduce differentiated fees for kindergartens".

It is established that no less than 18 thousand residents of Grodno region, who of employable age, do not work anywhere officially, but at the same time drive expensive cars, have expensive houses or several apartments. They do not pay taxes, but use free medical care services, their children go to kindergartens and schools. Most likely these are the people who make money on illegal trade.

The prosecutor specified that pensioners, invalids and the underage were not included in the calculations. All, who does not live according to their official earnings, will be invited to tax inspection and asked to tell where they got the money for fairly wellto-do life.