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Russian Historian Jailed In Belarus After Lecture On Anarchism Kомментарии
15 октябрь 2017, 21:46 | English / Society

Activists say a court in Belarus has jailed a Russian professor for six days on a hooliganism charge after police barged into a lecture he was giving on the history of anarchism. „итать

54% of Belarusians say relations with EU good - poll Kомментарии
15 октябрь 2017, 21:42 | English / Society

Over a half of Belarusians feel the relations between Belarus and European Union are good, according to the results of the poll carried out by the EU Neighbors East project in March-May 2017 in the Eastern Partnership countries. The samle for the survey was 1000 people. „итать

Social Networks for a Millionaire. What IT Businessman Viktor Prokopenya Writes about on Facebook Kомментарии
15 октябрь 2017, 13:54 | English / Society

Artificial intelligence, books and girls. These are the top 3 topics that famous Belarusian IT businessman Viktor Prokopenya covers in his Facebook account. „итать

Minsk Airport Gets Info Signs In Chinese Language Kомментарии
11 октябрь 2017, 00:19 | English / Society

Tourist information at Minsk airport will now be shown in three languages. „итать

Quick-Reaction Guy Escapes Death As Piece Of Cladding Falls From Above - Video Kомментарии
11 октябрь 2017, 00:16 | English / Society

A lucky guy from Vitebsk in Belarus avoided hard consequences from a falling object thanks to quick reaction. The accident was captured by a CTTV camera. „итать

Belarusian Student Wins Miss Wheelchair World Award Kомментарии
10 октябрь 2017, 23:46 | Main story / Society

Belarusian student Alyaksandra Chychykava was chosen as Miss Wheelchair World in the first-ever international edition of the pageant held in Warsaw. „итать

Belarus president gives cow as gift to large family Kомментарии
05 октябрь 2017, 22:47 | English / Society

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has made an unusual present to a multi-child family from the village of Yasen (Asipovichy district). „итать

‘Belsat’ journalists fined for reporting closure of Minsk school Kомментарии
05 октябрь 2017, 22:46 | English / Society

On September 19, Lyubou Lunyova and Zmitser Krauchuk had police reports filed on them for working without accreditation. On 3 October, their case was heard in a Minsk court. Journalists were made witnesses against each other. „итать

Automatic Currency Exchange Machines Appear At Minsk Airport Kомментарии
03 октябрь 2017, 19:23 | English / Society

Two automatic currency exchange machines have been installed at the National Airport Minsk. „итать

One Ultimate Proof That Potatoes Are Belarus Treasure Kомментарии
03 октябрь 2017, 19:21 | English / Society

The country’s potato gene bank has just been named the national asset of Belarus by the Government. „итать

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