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Pro-government writers union head mulls over street renaming after Vasil Bykau Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:53 | English / Society

Pershamaiski Street may be renamed to Frunze Street in Minsk and the latter may be named after people’s writer of Belarus Vasil Bykau (1924-2003), head of the Belarusian Union of Writers Mikalai Charhinets said in a rare pro-Belarusian national identity promotion move. „итать

Regnum case: Pro-Russian authors get suspended sentence terms, released in court Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:50 | Main story / Society

The Mink City Court on 2 February ruled to sentence the Russian website Regnum authors Yury Pavlovets, Sergei Shiptenko and Dmitry Alimkin to five years in prison and three years of suspended sentence - exactly what the prosecutor had requested. „итать

Lukashenka says he ‘solved murder case’ Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:30 | English / Society

He stated this on February 1, during a conversation with the head of the State Committee of Forensic Expertise, Andrei Shved. „итать

Metropolitan Paul: Orthodox and Catholics have different God Kомментарии
03 февраль 2018, 02:28 | English / Society

The head of the BOC claims that the God of Catholics and Uniates has nothing to do with the Orthodox Creator. „итать

Belarus confirms 7th death-row inmate Kомментарии
01 февраль 2018, 19:42 | English / Society

Bealrus has a seventh person sentenced to capital punishment indeed. His name is Yahor Liotau and he is 30 years old, Supreme Court first deputy chairman Valry Kalinkovich told reporters on 31 January. „итать

Home-Birth Mother Acquitted In Daughter's Death In Belarus Kомментарии
31 январь 2018, 23:22 | English / Society

Following a retrial in a high-profile manslaughter case, a Belarusian court has acquitted a woman whose newborn child died after a home birth. „итать

Arms Smuggler Or History Buff? Japanese Comics Artist 'Struggling' In Belarusian Prison Kомментарии
31 январь 2018, 23:18 | English / Society

Daichi Yoshida, a military history buff as well as a comics artist of some repute back home, was eager to pick up a few vintage rifle parts while in Ukraine to take back to Japan. „итать

Belarus delegation officially banned to stage public actions at Olympic Games Kомментарии
31 январь 2018, 19:58 | Main story / Society

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued a formal warning to the Belarus delegation in a move to prevent repetition of the 2016 Rio Paralympics incident. „итать

Belarusian Wooden Church In London Joins Building Of The Year Contest 2018 Kомментарии
30 январь 2018, 23:31 | English / Society

The Belarusian wooden chapel in London is participating in the international contest Building of the Year 2018, ArchDaily.com reports. „итать

Autoblogger’s car torched in Vitsebsk Kомментарии
30 январь 2018, 23:25 | English / Society

On the night of January 27, Volkswagen Passat CC belonging to the videoblogger Yauhen Kulyashou, known for his criticism of car repair shops, was set on fire. „итать

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