Updated at 16:09,18-01-2019

Belarusian Womens Party Nadzeya

Belarusian Womens Party Nadzeya was officially registered in 1994.


Yaskova Alena Vladimirovna was born in 1951 in Minsk.

Worked as a lawyer in independent trade union of automobile and agriculture industry, also provided legal assistance to the Party of Labor, until it was liquidated by the decision of the Supreme Court).

To this day she is the head of human rights department of independent trade union REP.

In 2006 was elected the chairperson of the Belarusian Womens Party Nadzeya.


Telephone: Yaskova Alena Vladimirovna (chairman) +375-8(029)-605-01-94

E-mail: [email protected]