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Belarusian News-Site Editor Tells Court She Is Innocent Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:09 | English / Main story

The editor of Belarus's largest independent news site, who is on trial on accusations that her publication has illegally obtained information from a state-run news agency, told the court she is innocent. „итать

13 Celebrities Who Are (Not So) Secretly Belarusians Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:44 | English / Featured Stories

Did you know that lots of world celebrities have Belarusian blood running through their veins? We bet you did, but let’s gather them all together (at least most of them) to admire and be proud of. „итать

Five Reasons Why Belarusian Opposition Is So Hopeless Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:25 | Featured Stories / Politics

Belarus is going to hold parliamentary and presidential elections between the end of 2019 and the summer of 2020. „итать

Belarus gets 10 000 ha of land in Zimbabwe Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:19 | English / Economy

Belarus has received 10 000 ha of land for agricultural production in Zimbabwe. „итать

Belarus among least cyber-secure countries Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:17 | English / Society

Belarus is among the least cyber-secure countries, according to the research by Сomparitech, a UK-based website that specializes in assessing cyber security levels around the world. „итать

Belarusian Teen Suspected Of Stabbing Teacher, Classmate To Death Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:15 | English / Society

Authorities say a teenager is suspected of stabbing a teacher and a student to death with a knife in a rare school attack in the former Soviet republic. „итать

Lukashenko And Putin To Meet Fourth Time In Two Months Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:15 | Main story / Politics

The presidents of Belarus and Russia will meet in Sochi on 13 February. Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin will discuss the integration of the two countries. „итать

Russian citizen commits suicide facing deportation from Belarus Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:13 | English / Society

In December 2018, 35-year-old Sergei Borisov committed suicide in Loyeu after he received a deportation order for 4 years, TUT.BY reports. „итать

Russian PM Medvedev lambasts Belarus for ‘unfair competition’ Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:12 | English / Politics

Russia will look into the matter if Belarus continues to engage in unfair competition. „итать

No plans to deploy missiles in Belarus - Russian envoy in Minsk Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:10 | English / Politics

Russia has no plans to deploy its missile in response to the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Russian Special Envoy and Ambassador in Minsk Mikhail Babich told journalists. „итать

Belarus suspends investigation into political disappearances Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:07 | English / Politics

The preliminary investigation of Yury Zaharanka, Viktar Hanchar and Anatol Krasouski’s cases has been suspended. „итать

Belarus Police Bust 'Biggest Marijuana Operation In Years' Kомментарии
06 февраль 2019, 20:06 | English / Society

Authorities in Belarus say they have busted "the largest marijuana production [operation] in years." „итать

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