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Former Rainbow and Deep Purple singer with heart attack in Minsk hospital Kомментарии
17 апрель 2018, 18:09 | English / Main story

Joe Lynn Turner, 66 former Rainbow and Deep Purple frontman was hospitalized with a heart attack in Minsk, reports TUT.by quoting a spoeksperson from the Emergency Care Hospital in Minsk. „итать

Belarusians donate 5 times more than needed for Svetlana Alexievich’s edition Kомментарии
18 апрель 2018, 11:25 | English / Society

The crowdfunding campaign aimed at publishing Svetlana Alexievich’s five-volume edition has raised 5 times more money than needed. The organizers of wanted to raise 40 thousand roubles. As of April 12, 216 thousands have been donated. There are 8 days until the end of the campaign. „итать

Exhibition on Belarus People's Republic closes early due to low attendance Kомментарии
18 апрель 2018, 11:24 | English / Society

The exposition “CODE: 25.03.18” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BPR) will be closed today ahead of schedule in the Palace of Arts in Minsk „итать

Vilnius threatens to dismantle power lines to block electricity from Belarus NPP Kомментарии
18 апрель 2018, 11:20 | English / Economy

Lithuanian Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas says his country is set to dismantle in 2020 Europe's most powerful electricity transmission line, which connects Lithuania's grid with Belarus. „итать

Ukraine's Turchinov 'throws Lukashenka under the bus' to Putin Kомментарии
17 апрель 2018, 18:12 | English / Politics

Ukraine's Head of National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchinov in an interview with gordonua.com recalls the developments in the winter-spring 2014 after new people came to power in Kyiv after the Maidan revolution. „итать

Aviation history street art appears in Minsk Airport Kомментарии
17 апрель 2018, 18:11 | English / Society

An unusual example of street art depicting the history of aviation has appeared in Minsk Airport. The graffiti showing balloons and airplanes was painted by young muralists. The project opened on April 12, the International Day of Human Space Flight. „итать

Belarus' Aryna Sabalenka into WTA's Top 50 Kомментарии
17 апрель 2018, 18:08 | English / Society

Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka has entered for the first time in her career in Top 50 of the Women's Tennis Association. „итать

Minsk airport named Europe's second most punctual airline in March 2018 Kомментарии
17 апрель 2018, 18:07 | English / Society

The Minsk international aiport in March 2018 was recognized as the second most punctual airport in Europe, reports the press office of the Belarusian main gateway quoting the March 2018 ranking by OAG, one of the most well-known research companies in the travel industry. „итать

Belarusian railways expand routes with free Wi-Fi Kомментарии
11 апрель 2018, 16:36 | English / Society

Belarusian Railways (BR) has increased the number of routes with free Wi-Fi. The service was first introduced on the Minsk-Homiel regional trains in August 2016. „итать

Foreign Minister Makei says Belarus between two fires Kомментарии
11 апрель 2018, 16:35 | English / Politics

On 24 March, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei gave a big interview to Euronews, in which he focused on the relations between our country and the European Union. „итать

Private national university registered in Belarus Kомментарии
11 апрель 2018, 16:32 | English / Society

Authorities in Belarus have officially registered a privately owned education institution named Nil Hilevich National University, Belarusian Language Society told reporters at a press conference in Minsk on 27 March. „итать

Belarus to host blockchain forum Kомментарии
11 апрель 2018, 16:31 | English / Economy

Guru Blockchain Forum - a first ever international event in Belarus on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will begin at 1100 on 26 May at Beijing Hotel Minsk. „итать

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