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Opinion: Could 2020 Elections Be The Start Of Cautious Political Change? Kомментарии
22 август 2019, 23:39 | English / Main story

Elections in Belarus are traditionally administrative rituals. However, amid growing tensions with Russia and increased discussion of a future presidential transition in Minsk, the upcoming Belarusian parliamentary and presidential votes may be the start of cautious political change in the country. „итать

Orsha authorities: We are about to unite with Russia Kомментарии
22 август 2019, 23:49 | English / Politics

Orsha inhabitants demand to bring back the Belarusian language to the public transport. „итать

Number Of Visa-Free Tourists In Jan-July 2019 Up 62% Compared To 2018 Kомментарии
22 август 2019, 23:44 | English / Economy

In seven months of 2019, the number of visa-free tourists to Belarus grew by 62% compared with the relevant period of 2018. „итать

NATO country changes law to repair aircraft in Belarus Kомментарии
22 август 2019, 23:41 | English / Politics

European sanctions prohibit the EU members from trading arms with Belarus. In order to repair already purchased equipment in Belarus, the Bulgarian parliament is amending the national legislation. „итать

Yarmoshyna: Transparent ballot boxes are outdated Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:57 | English / Politics

Chairperson of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna has explained why transparent ballot boxes will not be used at elections in Belarus. „итать

BelNPP construction workers on strike over unpaid wages Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:54 | English / Politics

On August 15, several dozen Russian workers from the BelNPP construction site gathered at the main square of Astravets with a demand to pay their salaries for the last two months of work. „итать

Estonia may purchase electricity from BelNPP Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:51 | English / Economy

Estonia currently does not buy Belarusian electricity directly. „итать

Ministry of Agriculture: It was an isolated instance of anthrax Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:48 | English / Society

The nidus of anthrax has been liquidated and it was an isolated instance, deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition told. „итать

Twenty-one people accused of corruption in health sector go on trial Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:46 | English / Society

Twenty-one people are answering charges over corruption schemes in the health sector in a trial that opened in the Minsk City Court on August 19. „итать

Court upholds acquittal of Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant’s chief engineer Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:41 | English / Society

A panel of judges of the Minsk City Court on Friday turned down an appeal by the Prosecutor General’s Office against the acquittal of Andrey Halavach, chief engineer at Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant (MZKT). „итать

Lithuania Buys $1 Million Worth Of Iodine Pills As Belarus Prepares Nuclear Power Plant Launch Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:39 | English / Economy

Lithuania says it expects to receive more than 4 million iodine tablets ahead of the planned launch of neighboring Belarus's first power plant later this year. „итать

Someone Terrorizes Minsk With Bomb Threats: Hotels, Malls, Business Centers Evacuated On Monday Kомментарии
21 август 2019, 10:36 | English / Society

Guests of five hotels in Minsk woke up to evacuation because of bomb threats on Monday, 19 August. „итать

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