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Belarus Sets Ambitious Target To Grow Tourism Share In GDP Kомментарии
16 июль 2019, 20:09 | English / Economy

Belarusian foreign minister Vladimir Makei said that the government wants to increase the share of tourism in the country’s GDP to 10-12%, Emerging Europe writes. „итать

Belarus To Get Money From China To Pay Off Russian Debts Kомментарии
16 июль 2019, 20:07 | English / Economy

Belarus has almost completed talks on borrowing $600 million from China, an amount which would be used to repay debts to Russia. „итать

Officials Reveal How Many Tourists Visited 2nd European Games In Minsk Kомментарии
16 июль 2019, 20:06 | English / Economy

35,000 foreign tourists came to Minsk for the 2nd European Games, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Sergei Kovalchuk revealed. „итать

Vice PM: Belarus Has Good Chance To Enter WTO By Summer 2020 Kомментарии
16 июль 2019, 20:04 | English / Economy

Belarus has a good chance to become a WTO member by summer 2020 and keep agricultural sector support at the same level. „итать

Kremlin mounts pressure on Belarus Kомментарии
12 июль 2019, 12:22 | English / Economy

Russia is prepared to hold talks with Belarus over the natural gas supplies and new loans only after there is progress on deeper integration between the two countries. „итать

Single currency to follow single gas prices -- Ambassador Syamashka Kомментарии
12 июль 2019, 12:17 | English / Economy

Belarus Ambassador to Russia Uladzimir Syamashka has commented on the disputes over oil and gas that arise within the Union State. „итать

Why Economic Reforms In Belarus Are Now More Urgent Than Ever Kомментарии
01 июль 2019, 00:23 | Main story / Economy

For many years, the World Bank experts been saying that Belarus needs structural economic reforms to accelerate economic growth. „итать

Russia Links Next Loan To Belarus With Integration. Minsk Has A Back-Up For This Year Kомментарии
28 июнь 2019, 10:09 | English / Economy

Russia links the allocation of its next loan to Belarus with integration processes between the two countries. However, Minsk has already secured financing from other sources in case the Russian loan doesn’t happen this year. „итать

Belarus upgrades MiG-29 jets for Serbia Air Force Kомментарии
28 июнь 2019, 09:44 | English / Economy

Belarus is upgrading four MiG-29 fighter jets at a "brotherly price," Serbian President Alexander Vučić said after his visit to Belarus. „итать

Belarus spends $130m on European Games not $50m as Lukashenka promised Kомментарии
28 июнь 2019, 09:35 | Main story / Economy

Speaking in the parliament on Wednesday, Finance Minister Maksim Yermalovich said a total of 540 million Belarusian rubles (BYN) (nearly $265 million) was spent to organize the 2nd European Games in Minsk. „итать

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