Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Lukashenka: We can wait still, but we’ll have to increase pension age in Belarus


Sooner or later there will be a necessity to increase the pension age in Belarus.

It has been stated in Barysau by Lukashenka during his meeting with representatives of workers of defense industry enterprises on June 24, BelTA informs.

“People are against an increase in retirement age. I cannot make decisions against the will of the people today. If the situation gets more complicated and as an economist I see that it is bad for the country, then I will tell you directly: let's delay pensions by 5 years in two or three steps. But we don't intend to do this for now and are not going to resolve the problem this way. It can wait. But it is very difficult. I will definitely tell you sincerely and honestly when we are going to do it,” he stated.

However the dictator has not ruled out a possibility of the pension age increase in the future, explaining the problem by the changed ratio of the number of working people to the number of pensioners. “This is why we are forced to keep pensions low,” Lukashenka remarked.

“I don't know when but I think that [the pension age] will be raised because Belarus is probably the only country still with the pension age of 55 and 60 years,” he stressed.

“Our women don't want to give birth to children. If every family has three kids, then we will resolve all the problems,” Lukashenka added.