Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Belarusian scientists: There could be diamonds somewhere in Homel region


It’s too early to draw the line at search for diamonds in Belarus.

Such a statement has been made by the director of the state-owned enterprise “Belgeocentr” Andrei Kaukhuta in an interview to “Respublika”, an official newspaper.

“It’s too early to draw a line at search for diamonds in Belarus. 33 blow holes have been found in Homel region, and diamond grains have been found in some of them. However, the diamond deposit itself has not been found yet. For now the exploration works are suspended. A well-known South African diamonds-mining company had interest as an investor in the prospective Belarusian diamonds once.

But as long as it was the 1990ies, and there were no favourable investment climate, cooperation didn’t work out. Meanwhile, there are very many volcanic structures in our country, and blow holes and diamonds proper stem from them,” Andrei Kaukhuta said.