Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Prakapovich: Belarusian goods will conquer Russian market, Baltic states


Vice Premier Piotr Prakapovich calls for stricter conditions for import supplies to Belarus.

"No one will dictate the retail facilities to make the import ratio whether 85% or 15%. We, however, should create conditions for Belarusian goods to become more qualitative and competitive", BELTA news agency quoted Prakapovich as saying.

He also noted: "If our good conquer the Belarusian market, they will conquer the Russian market, the markets in Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, Ukraine. We have two priorities here: to conquer the market and expand imports across the borders of this country."

The Vice Premier reckons the imported goods should enjoy a priviliged condition in Belarus. He hopes the situation can be changed and "competition will be healthy."