Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Belarusians go on buying up foreign currency


Since the beginning of the year the population has bought on net basis $239 mln.

Over the last month taken alone, individuals have bought on net basis $32 mln of noncash foreign currency and foreign currency in cash: $898.81 mln ($4990.81 mln in January-July 2014). By way of comparison, in May this indicator was $117.3 mln.

Charter97.org has been told about that by the press-service of the National Bank of Belarus.

The currency was actively sold in the home currency market by business entities which are residents of Belarus. In June $1984.81 mln have been bought in total ($11071.71 in January-June), and $2077.12 was sold (в январе-июне - $10918.92 mln in January-June). Though in June residents have sold $92.31 mln more currency than they have bought, the balance of sales and purchases in January-June remains positive and makes $152.79 mln.

The situation with sale and purchase of foreign currency by non-residents of Belarus in home currency market looks bleak too. Non-residents have bought $28.37 mln in June ($316.17 mln in January-June), that is $171.52 mln have been bought ($882.82 mln), and $143.15 have been sold ($566.65 mln).

The total market of currency in January-June was $33460.37 mln.