Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Eurasian Economic Commission to control re-export from Belarus


The Eurasian Economic Commission is creating a workgroup to prevent foreign export of banned European goods to Russia.

The Russian agricultural inspectorate asked the EAEC, government and the Ministry of Nutrition to help create a joint system of sanitary border control for products imported from Belarus. Russia imposed an import ban on a number of products coming from the states that had imposed sanctions on the country – the USA, EU, Canada, Australia and Norway. Beef, pork, fruit, vegetables, poultry, cheese, dairy products, nuts and other goods have been affected by the ban.

The Russian agricultural inspectorate reported numerous attempts of re-export of European and American goods many times. 88 attempts to import such products from Belarus were registered between August 11 and September 24.

Belarus returned thousands of trucks transporting European goods to Russia back to Europe since the introduction of the ban, head of the Belarusian agricultural inspectorate Alyaksei Bahdanau said. According to him, the facts reported by Russia are just ‘a drop in the ocean’.