Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Ministry of Trade reminds about price growth moratorium in Belarus


It was imposed in the middle of December. The Ministry of Trade decided that he prices did not have to change until January 15.

The consumer prices in Belarus will have to stay the same even after January 15, the Ministry of Trade claimed. Entrepreneurs have started asking the Ministry when the moratorium is going to be cancelled, BELTA reports. The moratorium was imposed by the Council of Ministers on December 19, the Ministry replied. Its term was not specified back then.

The increase of consumer prices would be a rude violation of the trade rules, the Ministry noted.

The Ministry of Trade imposed a moratorium on the increase of the consumer prices until January 15, 2015. The Ministry obliged concerns, regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee to stop the price growth during the holiday season on December 9.

Nothing was said about January 15 in the government’s order signed later.