Updated at 15:34,20-06-2018

National Bank orders banks to reimburse money stolen from customers' cards


Commercial banks are afraid that massive fraud may follow.

National Bank adopted a resolution 843 "On amendments and additions to the Instruction on transactions with bank payment cards". According to it, banks become officially been responsible for the money stolen from the "card" accounts of their clients. As was reported by onliner.by, banks have to repay the money to the customer within 45 or 90 days - depending on where the unauthorized operation was performed.

The new rules will come into force on August 5, 2015. The customer has to submit a written request within 30 days after the illegal monetary transaction. The application deadline may be extended, if the client has a valid reasoncfor it - illness, stay abroad, etc.

The Bank may refuse to refund, if the deadline for the application is broken; if the card holder violates the order of its use, which will lead to an authorized operation; if the bank has information about the cardholder fraud.

The bank will not be able to include a provision on the unconditional customer's responsibility for the actions of third parties that may steal his money in the card use agreement.

Commercial banks are worried about the fact that it is often hard to prove fraud. It takes a lot of time and money. And they will have to repay the money in short time. Banks are afraid of the wave of fraudsters who may take advantage of the new rules.