Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Average salary in January falls by $220


Salary in January 2015 decreased by 13.6%. In US dollars, it fell by 35% - from 620 to 400 dollars.

The National Statistical Committee unveiled figures of the average salary in Belarus in January 2015. The nominal gross average salary was 6 mln 23.2 thousand rubles. If compared with December 2014, it fell by 11.5% or 782.8 thousand rubles.

The real wages (adjusted to the growth of consumer prices for goods and services) in January 2015, compared to December 2014, decreased by 13.6%, says the AFN. In US dollar terms, the reduction was 35% and all that happened as a result of almost 40 per cent devaluation of the national currency.

The nominal average salary in December amounted to 6 million 806 thousand rubles or about $620 (at the rate of 11 thousand rubles to the dollar). In January, with the devaluation, the salary became equal to about $400 (at the rate of 15 thousand rubles).