Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

Price of gasoline no longer tied to dollar in Belarus


This approach is outdated, according to the Belneftekhim.

The cost of a liter of the 92 octane gasoline will no longer be tied to the indicative price of one dollar. This was announced in an interview with TUT.by by the head of Belneftekhim Ihar Lyashenka. According to him, currently, when the world price of oil fell by half, this approach is irrelevant.

Now the Belneftekhim will be guided by the fuel prices in neighboring countries and the world price of oil. Lyashenka said that the retail price will be actively changing. If the oil becomes cheaper further, the price of gasoline will also go down.

In September last year, it was decided to make the petrol AI-92-K5-euro an indicative target and index its price depending on the price of the dollar. On October 1, the price of this brand of gasoline was tied to the dollar.