Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Mogilevtransmash stops working until April 6


Workers of one of Mahilou's biggest plants had to take mandatory leave.

Charter97.org learnt it from a reader. According to him, workers of Mogilevtransmash plant have mandatory holidays.

“I work at Transmash plant in Mahilou. I was told not to appear at work until April 1. The leave will be a week and a half, and my wages will fall,” he complains.

The accounting department of the Mahilou-based branch of the Minsk Automobile Plant confirmed information about holidays and said how it would affect wages.

“Workers will receive two-thirds of the salary. We don't work until April 6, not until April 1,” the accountant said.

Many companies work short weeks or force workers to take unpaid leaves. In the first days of March, charter97.org received complaints from Gomselmash, the Automobile Units Plant in Asipovichy, the Concrete Products Plant in Svetlahorsk, the Tractor Parts and Units Plant in Babruisk, Mogilevtransmash, Strommashina, the Minsk Tractor Plant, Gomeldrev, the Minsk Bearing Plant, Belarusian Railway, Vitebsk Products company and others.