Updated at 20:27,19-11-2020

In wake of lifting sanctions: No need for reforms in Belarus, crisis only in your heads – Lukashenka

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President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has slammed the work of the Belarusian government during Tuesday’s conference on improving the effectiveness of the social and economic field.

A package of draft legal acts stipulating steps to tackle a number of current problems were submitted to the Belarusian leader. According to him, these proposals touch upon vital spheres of the economy and the nation’s life.

“I would like to stress that any talks that have turned into babbling about some crisis are unacceptable! There is no crisis, crisis is only in our heads!” Lukashenka warned.

“The conditions have changed. In some fields the changes are significant. So what? It is not the first time such thing has happened. We know how to work in these conditions and how to respond to them.”

“Moreover, our situation is different. Particularly after the relevant decisions made by the European Union yesterday,” he added.

“And I don’t need those reforms of yours, the reforms you come up with! We should provide a normal life for our people, functioning of our society and state – that’s what we need. And instead of bread you want to give some reform to the people!” Lukashenka said.

“Continue improving the production of material values, and what is most important when you have made a product, sell it! That’s the end of the story! If you do this, we’ll see on what level we will be and under what conditions we will be working!”

In his opinion, the decisions to be made should not backfire on the country’s social sphere:

“If we blow up the situation in the country and [jeopardize] stability, peace … Look what is going on around you! Don’t you see it? And if we join those who blew up the situation in the country, destabilized it, we will need ten times as much money as we have now to steer out of the situation,” he added.