Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Half of Belarusian enterprises are unprofitable in 2016


Half of Belarusian industrial enterprises were unprofitable at the beginning of the year – 809 organizations or 47.8%. There were 775 organizations or 45.8% last year, Belstat reports. The dead loss has totalled Br19.3 trillion roubles. It has decreased by 36.2% in comparison with 2015.

The dead loss per organization has decreased from 38.9 to 23.8 billion roubles.

The sales revenue has totalled 68.2 trillion roubels or 17% more than in January 2015. However, the cost price has increased by 20%.

The profitability of sales is 6.8% (down from 8.9% in January 2015). The profitability of sold goods is 8.4% (down from 11.4%).