Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Labor Ministry proposes to increase dole

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Belarus may increase the size of unemployment benefit up to the subsistence minimum, said head of the employment policy department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus Aleh Tokun. But the increase in payments is not expected to affect all the unemployed.

“We have already prepared a draft legal act to increase unemployment benefits for certain categories of citizens who lost their jobs due to layoffs, downsizing liquidation of the enterprise,” said Aleh Tokun. According to him, the project is at the “final approval” stage. However, the exact date when the document comes into force was not announced.

Unemployment benefits for these categories of unemployed persons is proposed to be increased up to 100% of the minimum living wage, said the representative of the Ministry of Labor. Now, the average living wage in the country is 1,699,430 rubles.

The average size of unemployment benefits in Belarus in May amounted to 265,600 rubles or 15.4% of the per capita subsistence income. The maximum aid does not exceed two basic units – 420,000 rubles.

In March of this year, Minister of Labour and Social Protection Maryianna Shchotkina said that unemployment benefits may increase if “situation there is liquidation of the enterprise”.

Now the Ministry of Labour experts also think how to “implement unemployment insurance,” said Aleh Tokun. According to him, by 2017 the agency intends to develop the draft with changes and send it to the government.

“If a person worked and paid insurance premiums, as a result of job loss, due to reasons not linked to the person, for a while the person will be eligible for unemployment benefits, which based on international standards will provide compensation for lost earnings in the amount of up to 70%,” said Aleh Tokun.