Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Russian gas price to decrease by $32 for Belarus


The price for Russian gas will decrease by $32 for Belarus next year, Kommersant refers to its own sources. Minsk and Moscow have agreed on a new pricing scheme for Russian gas (Belarus had been asking for it for a long time). One thousand cubic meters of gas will cost $100 (down from $132). Furthermore, roubles will be used instead of dollars. Our country will also have to pay the current debt (Belarus owes about $300 million to Gazprom, Russia thinks).

The gas price for Belarus will be defined using the average Russian index in 2017. One thousand cubic metres is expected to cost 6.3 thousand Russian roubles by the end of the year. The index will be gradually decreasing, the two states agreed.

The scheme needs to be officially approved now, Kommersant reports.