Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Decline in wages: Belarusians becoming poorer


In August 2016, the average monthly wages was 750.3 Belarusian rubles (BYN), which is only 96.1% of the average wage in the same period last year.

During January-August 2016 the average wages amounted to BYN 711.4, which is 95.9% compared with the same period in 2015.

The employees in the Belarusian capital can boast of the highest salaries (BYN1022.8), while residents of Mahiliou region seem to be the poorest working Belarusians – their average monthly salary is BYN 645.3 rubles. In Hrodna region, there has been the most drastic fall in wages – by 7.2% (to BYN 650.6).

Currently, IT specialists top the list of the best-paid jobs BYN 3.304 in August, 3523.5 rubles for the past eight months. People working in aviation, oil and chemical industry workers also make good money (BYN 2237.5, 1 1239.8 and 1359.9 respectively). Librarians, teachers,archivers, museum workers and persons employed in agricultural undertakings are among lowly-paid staff.

Skies are darkening over the Belarusian economy: the country’s gross foreign debt accounts for 85% of its GDP. Experts say that the government debt has already reached a warning level. In September, the International Monetary Fund urged Alyaksandr Lukashenka to carry out reforms. The Belarusian authorities have acknowledged that there is no chance to grow the economy this year.