Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Minsk suggests solution to gas issue to Gazprom


Minsk suggests solution to gas issue to Gazprom
Photo: irmvax.com
The Russian company Gazprom has received a suggestion about the gas debt from Belarus.

The essence of this suggestion has not been revealed yet. “I will not tell you. The information has arrived via a closed diplomatic channel,” deputy Gazprom CEO Valeri Golubev told an Interfax reporter.

Belarus owes about $3490 million to Gazrpom. The debt has been accumulating because Belarus has been paying $80 (the cost it considered to be fair) for one thousand cubic meters of gas instead of $132 (the market price) since the beginning of the year.

Belarus will pay the debt, the two sides agreed in October. The payments are connected with some other documents that would be signed soon, Russian officials reported later.