Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Belaruskali's 2016 net profit plunged 80%


Belaruskali's 2016 net profit plunged 80%
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The 2016 net profit of the Mazyr refinery plant dived 53% down to BYN164,68 million, reports Radio Svaboda. Revenue grew 8% up to BYN4.5 billion, while the product unit cost grew 16.7%.

The second petrochemical refinery giant - the Navapolack-based Naftan - saw its net profit grow by more than one third but only up BYN 6.33 million against the revenue in amount of BYN4.9 billion.

The net profit of one of the world's biggest potash fertilizer producers Belaruskali plunged 80% - BYN 217.2 million in 2016 against 1.126 billion in 2015. Revenue dropped 20% down to BYN868.4 million.

The tyre-maker Belshina also saw its net profit collapse 80% down to BYN 540 thousand), although revenue grew 15% up to BYN671.35 million.

The dump truck maker BelAZ's net profit grew four times up to BYN8 million. Revenue increased 22.6% up to BYN 846.6 million as much as the product unit cost.

Belarusian Steel Works ended the year of 2016 without losses, with the net profit at only BYN 39 thousand. Revenue amounted to BYN 28.2. Last year, the plant received $240 million in state subsidies. It will receive around $16 million more as a support from the state in 2017.