Updated at 13:33,31-03-2020

Minsk eyes Russia's Iskander missile systems


Minsk eyes Russia's Iskander missile systems
Photo: ria.ru
Belarus may consider purchasing several Iskander short-range ballistic missile systems from Russia in the future, Belarusian Ambassador in Moscow Ihar Petryshenka is quoted as saying by the Russian news agency ria.ru.

The diplomat said Belarus currently deploys mainly the [outdated] S-300 air defense missile system. "The deliveries of S-400 surface-to-air missiles and Iskander systems could be considered in the context of weapons upgrade. We expect that Su-30sm fighter jets will soon be deployed by Belarus' Air Force and Air Defense Force to protect the areal borders of the Union State (of Belarus and Russia), Petryshenka added.

Last week, Belarusian Ministry of Defense said it planned to purchase 12 Su-30sm fighter jets. Under the deal, the aicraft will be delivered gradually within three years.