Updated at 23:25,12-02-2019

Cryptocurrencies get official green light in Belarus


Draft decree On Development Of Digital Economy has been approved without remarks by all the public authorities and has already been sent to the head of the country.

Among the changes will be legalization of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, in Belarus and creation, according to the government, of the most favorable conditions for the development of blockchain technology. Officials hope that the IT-industry will be one of the drivers of economic growth next year.

It is noteworthy that a week ago the local Ministry of Finance criticized cryptocurrencies, but later the criticism was rdeleted from the official site.

At present, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Today, 1 bitcoin costs almost 12 thousand dollars, since the beginning of this year, the exchange rate of this cryptocurrency has jumped as much as ten times. Bitcoin has neither banknotes nor coins and is not controlled by banks the system allows for anonymously exchange of conditional virtual money or to exchange them for goods and services or for real money.