Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Belarus and Russia to spend 20.5 mln USD on joint military facilities


Belarus and Russia to spend 20.5 mln USD on joint military facilities
Russia and Belarus will spend nearly 1.2 billion Russian rubles (about $ 20.5 million USD)on the military infrastructure facilities planned to be shared by the regional troops.

These figures are part of the draft program for improving facilities of the Belarusian-Russian military infrastructure in 2017-2020 published on the website of the Union State Standing Committee.

Russia is to contribute 1.2 billion and 780 million, with Belarus paying in the rest. This money is planned to improve the condition of the Air Force control and air defense forces, the condition of three airfields (2 of them are in Belarus) and radio navigation, performance of artillery and engineering ammunition bases, three bases of ammunition and weapons storage and two logistics bases.

Another 409 million Russian rubles (about $ 7 million USD) will be allocated from the Union budget for the system of the information resources protection “in the conditions of growing threats in the information sphere” of the Union State for the period up to 2020. Belarusian share in this project is 134 million rubles (nearly 2.3 million USD).

The Union State budget for 2018 was approved by the Union Parliamentary Assembly on 16 December. The meeting of parliamentarians from both countries was chaired by the Russian Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in Bryansk.