Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Belarus hits worlds top 20 arms exporters official

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Belarus hits worlds top 20 arms exporters  official
Polonez at MILEX-2017 expo, phot. Lyavon Karzhakevich
The productivity output of Belarusian defense sector enterprises increased by 25% in 2017, Aleh Dzvihaliou, Chairman of the Defense Industry Committee, said.

In particular, upgraded Polonez multiple launch rocket system had been successfully tested. CSTO partners got interested in the launcher, Dzvihaliou said. According to him, they have been tasked with exporting Polonezes in 2018, including to far off countries. Belarus-made electronic warfares are also sold abroad.

For the moment, 69 countries buy Belarusian military production (in 2016 60), the top officer said. One of the main markets is Russia, where products of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant are in heavy demand. They are used in making air defense systems and missile systems for Russias strategic missile forces. Plant Nr 140 manufactures lightly-armoured vehicles, including such items as Cayman and V-1; they are purchased by not only the Belarusian armed forces, but also by one of the African countries, he said.

In 2017, the Belarusian arms exports exceeded $1 bn, which is 15% more than in the previous year. In accordance with international agencies estimations, the Republic of Belarus is in the worlds top 20 arms exporters, Dzvihaliou stated.