Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

About 60% of Belarusians do not get $500 salary promised Lukashenka

belsat.eu, via BelTA

About 60% of Belarusians do not get $500 salary promised  Lukashenka
Salaries should exceed BYN 1,000 (ca. $500) in 2018, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka on Friday when hearing out a report of the government, National Bank, regional executive committees on Belarus economic performance in 2017.

According to my information, none of the regions confirm that they reach or keep BYN 1,000 salaries in 2018. It means that you are unable to ensure such salaries right now, Lukashenka said.

The Belarusian leader gave his opinion on historically low level of inflation and almost 1,000 salaries in December, 2017.

You almost forced enterprises to give this BYN 1,000 at the end of the year. But almost two thirds of the population did not see such salaries. The salaries of the half of the population are lower than BYN 650. 10% of people could not earn more than BYN 300. These people are living in the regions where there are no employment alternatives, state-run news agency BelTA quotes him.

Lukashenka expressed his intention not want to focus on figures when people do not feel improvements.

Half of the Belarusian people think that the social and economic situation continued to worsen in 2017, about 40% of people did not see any changes. Clearly, this is an opinion poll, of course, it depends on sentiments, but opinion polls are comparable, and we compare them. Members of the government, local authorities are more focused on attaining figures. Figures became more important than the essence. Such approaches are short-lived resolutions, and people will not benefit from them, he added.