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In Belarus, Over 100,000 People Live In “Modern Slavery”


In Belarus, Over 100,000 People Live In “Modern Slavery”
Around 103,000 people in Belarus live in modern slavery, according to Global Slavery Index compiled by Australia-based NGO Walk Free Foundation.

Slavery still exists.

Among 167 countries Belarus occupies the 20th position in the modern slavery anti-ranking.

According to human rights activists, 103,000 people, or 1% of the country’s population, are in servitude.

In comparison with previous years, the number of people in “modern slavery” in Belarus has more than doubled.

In 2016, human rights activists claimed 44,600 slaves in Belarus, in 2013-2014 there were about 11,000-12,000.

In total, 40.3 million of people are being enslaved worldwide – 71% of them are women, 29% are men.

Around 25 million of them are in forced labor and 15 million are in forced marriage.

India, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Nigeria, Iraq, Indonesia, Congo, Russia and the Philippines are in top ten world anti-leaders.

The countries keep 60% of the total number of slaves in the world, which is over half the world’s population.

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In Europe and Central Asia nearly 3.6 million men, women, and children are defined as slaves.

Turkmenistan, Belarus and Macedonia are recognized as countries with a high prevalence of modern slavery.

Meanwhile, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine have the highest absolute figure of 39% of victims in Europe and Central Asia.

The least slavery affected people live Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

The study analysed various forms of slavery – forced labour and marriage, debt bondage, sexual exploitation, as well as government response.