Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

400+ Electric Charging Stations To Appear In Belarus By 2022

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400+ Electric Charging Stations To Appear In Belarus By 2022
Belarus plans to expand and develop electric charging stations charging infrastructure. The country has pledged to build out 431 public charging ports by 2022.

Belarus is going green.

The government project is one of the steps to promote the adoption of zero-emission electric cars.

To ensure the stations will offer quality and affordable car charging service the program will be implemented in three stages.

- By 2021, 431 EV vehicle charging stations are to be installed in Minsk, regional centers and along M and M/E category roads;
- By 2022-2025, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in Belarus is expected to be over 10,000;
- By 2026-2030, the number of EVs exceeds 25,000.

A total of 1,304 vehicle charging stations are planned to be built in Belarus by 2030. Up to 1,224 stations will appear in densely populated areas and 80 stations along the main motorways. As many as 25 extreme fast-charging stations will be set up in Minsk, regional centers, and along the main motorways in the long run.

The targets may be adjusted later on taking into account the actual number of EVS in Belarus and the world trends. The program on creating state-owned charging network for electric vehicles have been already approved by the Council of Ministers last week.