Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

Government Raises Retail Sugar Prices by Five Percent


The economy ministry issued a directive raising retail prices of sugar by five percent on the average on May 31.

The retail prices went up from 2,590 to 2,720 rubels ($0.90 at present) for one kilogram of loose sugar and from 2,840 to 2,980 rubels ($0.99) for packed sugar.

The prices were raised at the suggestion of the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern (Beldzyarzhkharchpram) because retail sugar prices are higher in neighboring countries and for the purpose of improving the financial position of Belarus' sugar refineries, explained the press office of the economy ministry.

This was the fourth increase in sugar prices this year. The government raised them by 10 percent on January 28, by five percent on February 27 and by another five percent on March 30.