Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Government Drawing up Bill Governing Public-Private Partnerships


The economy ministry is working on a bill governing public-private partnerships, Zhanna Hrynyuk, director of the Satio consulting company, told reporters in Minsk on July 19.

She said that the draft legislation could "strengthen cooperation between the public, government and private business."

The operation of public-private partnerships involves not only the government's cooperation with the private sector but also with NGOs. "Only in an open and transparent environment may the implementation of public-private projects be possible," Ms. Hrynyuk said, adding that she meant not only "basic purchases on the basis of tender competitions but also an entire set of cooperation for the settlement of social problems."

She said that the government and the private sector were cooperating for the purpose of promoting corporate social responsibility. "In the framework of the Global Compact UN initiative we have engaged in an active dialogue with the government. There have been a number of expert studies, participation in various meetings, councils and working groups under the government," she said.

The Belarusian authorities so far have refrained from urging private businesses to be socially responsible, according to Ms. Hrynyuk. "In my opinion, this must be the private sector's initiative," she said.