Updated at 15:41,25-05-2020

Grain output exceeds seven million tons


As much as 7,011,600 tons of grain had been gathered by farms in Belarus as of Friday morning, with the average per-hectare yield being 2,970 kilograms according to the agriculture ministry.

Agricultural companies reportedly gathered 6,644,400 million tons of grain, private farms 75,000 tons and individuals 293,200 tons.

As much as 1,670,500 tons of grain had been harvested in the Minsk region, 1,301,800 tons in the Hrodna region, 1,062,100 tons in the Brest region, 1,034,000 tons in the Mahilyow region, 825,300 tons in the Vitsyebsk region and 750,700 tons in the Homyel region.

Grain and leguminous crops had been harvested from 2,243,200 hectares, or 96.2 percent of the total sown area, as of Friday morning.

Grain and leguminous crops had been harvested from 99.8 percent of the sown area in the Homyel region, 98.8 percent in the Mahilyow region, 96.9 percent in the Brest region, 95.5 percent in the Minsk region, 94.9 percent in the Hrodna region and 93.5 percent in the Vitsyebsk region.

The harvest is reportedly gathered from 900 hectares every day, down from more than 30,000 hectares at the beginning of August, the ministry said, attributing the slowdown to the nearing completion of the harvesting campaign.

As much as 971,600 tons of grain, or 98.1 percent of the target, had been supplied in the framework of the government’s procurement program.

Although the government projected this year's grain harvest to total 10 million metric tons, Agriculture Minister Mikhail Rusy said last Friday that about seven million tons of grain was expected to be harvested in 2010.