Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Won't Belarus build nuclear power station without Ukraine's consent?


The process of building of the nuclear power station in Belarus has been suspended for two reasons. First, Russia has not signed the contract for building yet. Secondly, Lithuanian and Ukrainian societies have declared their protest against building of a nuclear object. This opinion has been announced by the Ambassador of Ukraine in Belarus Raman Bessmertny in his interview to "Glavred".

According to the diplomat, Belarusian-Russian negotiations broke down due to absence of $9 for building. However, he admits there might be political components in this case as well.

The diplomat also stated the process was influenced by the IAEA demands as well. As it is known, this organization demands to conduct hearings in the neighbouring countries before building a nuclear power station. Lithuanian and Ukrainian societies said they were against the Belarusian nuclear power station at the hearings.

Alongside with that, Bessmertny stated that Belarusian society had a rather positive attitude to the issue of building of a nuclear power station.