Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Expert: Lukashenko and Miasnikovich must not sell what they did not build

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Yesterday, Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich invited the sides of Kazakhstan and Russia to take part in privatization of Belarusian companies. He made such proposal in Moscow at the business circles conference of the Customs Union countries.

According to well-known Belarusian economist, the head of the Analytical Center "Strategy" Leonid Zaiko, the prime minister "must speak what is pleasant to his colleagues."

"Belarusians have signed 17 documents in December, now they are going to sign about 30 more of the Customs Union. This union will enable the free movement of goods, free movement of labor and free movement of capital", - reminded the expert.

What concerns the capital movement, it is not there in the last years. "We have no market of capital movement, since it requires privatization. But, if I was on Miasnikovichs place I would initially offered the companies, those proposed for the privatization to Belarusian businessmen and Belarusian people, and only then to foreigners," said economist in the interview to the news portal www.UDF.BY.

Leonid Zaiko asserted that he is against selling Belarusian enterprises to foreigners: "For example, I do not want to sell my apartment to Kazakhs, I'm not going to sell my parents apartment to Russians ... So why do we have to sell our enterprises to foreigners?"

"As far as I know, no Miasnikovich nor Lukashenko did not build these enterprises, they are still young men. Therefore, trading businesses is the worst business. Isnt it better to organize the production so that these enterprises work excellent?" posed the question the head of Analytical Center "Strategy".

The interlocutor of news portal www.UDF.BY surprised how was it possible to bring at a loss petroleum refineries, which were liquid everywhere: "Belarusian petroleum refineries are the only unprofitable ones in the world. Thats all over to reduce the oil refinery, where the whole world mafia sits, where everybody earns, as president says, mad crazy money, and to bring them here to the loss and then sell"

He doubts that in this matter everything is clear and transparent: "Something is wrong here". The economist did not exclude that "in Belarus the nomenclatural privatization could happen, as it was in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.First you have to think about your own people and not to sell something which you didnt build," emphasized A. Zaika.

In addition to "privatization" theme, Mikhail Miasnikovich raised the question of loans "development", received from EurAsEC crisis fund. According to the head of Council of Ministers of Belarus, "we fully accept our obligations ... This applies to budget restrictions, fees, income growth and many other issues."

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin said: "I have an impression that Belarusian authorities do not take enough measures to overcome the crisis." He also did not exclude that conditions for obtaining the rest of the loan can be revised in case of preservation of imports restrictions in Belarus.

According to Leonid Zaiko, "the first installment which came in the amount of 800 million - it's just ridiculous money for Russia. Of course, we have to say that everything is well and good that we're using that money for financial stabilization. There is a game called "Try to check". Everybody plays it: the IMF and the World Bank and various international consortiums".