Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

The main enemies of privatization are named


The main directors of joint-stock companies dispute against privatization. This was announced on Thursday to journalists by the chairman of the State Property Committee Georgy Kuznecov, as BELTA reports.

During the auctions and contests dedicated to selling the objects of Republican property, which are included into the privatization plan, certain peculiarities were revealed.

“We saw a lot of opponents of privatization in the Republic”, - said Georgy Kuznecov. It concerns the directors of some enterprises, which shares have been offered for sale. The leaders of these enterprises do not want to sell their joint-stock companies’ shares. However, sometimes they are supported by the heads of ministries and agencies, local authorities.

As Georgy Kuznecov thinks, many of these directors at their time have broken up enterprises, received governmental support. And then they saw, that probably, when a new owner comes to the enterprise, he will invest his own money, pay to the government for this company and will wait for dividends, for a profit. And if the director cannot get the profit there, then the new owner will be exempt from this director.

"I think directors felt this, and today they are beginning to disturb the teams of workers, they start to disrupt the competitions and auctions," – noted the chairman of the committee.

It was like this, when the safety stock of Lidapischekontsentraty has been put up for sale. The contest for the Baronovichi Garment Factory was thwarted. There were some facts in connection with some other enterprises, when the leaders tried to disrupt the privatization process.