Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Tereshchenko: In any other country the leadership would resign immediately because of inhuman experiments

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Belarus needs to conduct the next devaluation, after which the government must resign in disgrace. This opinion was expressed to Radio Liberty the ex-presidential candidate, the economist Viktor Tereshchenko.

Commenting on Alexander Lukashenko's yesterday meeting, he said that there is no any other reason to believe in regular promises.

Viktor Tereshchenko says, that promised by the president the indexation of pensions, stipends and salaries will unleash a new wave of inflation and a collapse of the ruble. According to the economist, in any other country the leadership would resign immediately because of inhuman experiments:

- Otherwise they are the narrow-minded guys or idiots on their own in this government, or they knowingly make it worse for the people - I do not know. I do not understand what's happening in the country. No economic program, no relevant policies. Well, the one who governs alone, he does not always answer the question - what to do further? The government with the forthcoming devaluation must resign in disgrace. But devaluation should be mandatory, because if it is not - we will fall down by the export. Today, for the exporters it is unprofitable to trade.

-Today one cannot buy cement, metal, even panties from "Milavitsa" is hard to buy to our girls. This is a problem. Then the task is to sell quickly everything you can, in order to achieve positive balance in foreign trade. What we will not have - doesn't matter. But definitely there will be the job cuts, will take place devaluation, and the collapse of the economy will become stronger.