Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Dollar FX Rate Soared up to Br9.5 Thousand at Tour Operators


August 29, Coral Travel tour operator changed the internal rate of tour payments from Br8.5 per dollar to Br9.5 thousand. So did the tour operator Tez Tour, equating 1 euro to Br12 thousand. "The company reserves the right to change the internal rate of payments," noted in Coral Travel.

Meanwhile, at the Lithuanian Medicinos Bankas, located at the bus station in Vilnius, the purchasing dollar rate amounts to Br8.18, while its selling price is Br9.2 thousand. Euro can be sold for Br12 thousand, and bought - Br13.2 thousand.

Citadele bank, which is located near the train station, sets the dollar rate, equal to Br8.2 thousand / Br9.63 thousand, euros - Br12 thousand / Br13.8 thousand.

Prokopovi.ch Massively DDoS-Attacked

Electronic fx currency exchanger, the site "Prokopovich Petr" hasn’t been operating since August 29. According to the owners, it has undergone a massive DDoS-attack.

"Our site hasn’t been operating properly recently: we have been seriously attacked. We were attacked by a network of computers infected with viruses, deliberately overloading our server requests data. Currently, the attack is ongoing, but despite this we’ve found a way to resume the site work. We hope that our work won’t be interrupted in the future, but does not rule out further malfunctioning of the server, if the attack becomes more persistent," the owners of the site.

"Attacks of this kind are unlawful. In many countries, DDoS is a criminal offense; the organizers of the attacks are arrested and jailed. But it’s not the case in Belarus. In addition, such an attack is expensive and paid for only in foreign currency. We have no ideas who ordered the attack on us, and how powerful the attempts to block access to our site may be in the future, but we will do everything possible for the further smooth operation of the resource," they said.

Official Exchange Rate Beats New Records

The average purchase dollar rate on the site is equal to Br8.6 thousand, euros - Br12 thousand, the Russian ruble - Br282. The selling dollar price is Br8.88 on average, while euros - Br12.76 thousand, the Russian ruble - Br303.

Meanwhile the official rate of the Belarusian ruble against a basket of currencies keeps on plummeting, too. August 31, the ruble devalued, by 0.36% against August 30, and by 78.26% against January 1.

During the day, the dollar appreciated by 0.61% to Br5.096 (decrease of 69.87% YTD), euro - by0.37% to Br7.384.61 (85.89% YTD), the Russian ruble - 0.11% to Br176.6 (79.4%).